Conference Youth


Conference Youth Officers

President Rev. Joel Byer
Vice President Rev. Aaron Lambeth
Secretary Marianna Sickler
Treasurer Rev. Jason Morford
Conference President Rev. John A. Peabody, Jr.

2017-2018 Zone Youth Leaders
Northern Chairman/President TBD
Secretary None
Treasurer None
Ministerial and Lay Advisors None
Central Chairman/President Rev. Richard Owens
Secretary Leslie Alberio
Treasurer Rev. Kenneth Sickler/
Ministerial and Lay

Rev. Hock
Rev. J. Hallenbeck
Jonathan Peabody

Southern Chairman/President Bill O'Connor
Secretary TBD
Treasurer Rev. Joel Byer
Ministerial and Lay
Western N.Y. Zone Chairman/President TBD
Western PA Zone Chairman/President TBD

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