President's Page

Rev. John A. Peabody, Jr.
Conference President

Dear Pilgrim Friends,

Greetings in the Wonderful Name of Jesus!!

It is a joy to report in that God is still on the throne and he is at work among the Pilgrims!  

I believe it was Francis Schaeffer that entitled one of his books "GOD: He is there and He is not Silent!!  PRAISE GOD!


First we want to thank God for a Wonderful Ministerial Convention.   I BELIEVE IT WAS THE BEST EVER!  We were blessed with Spirited anointed singing, teaching, and preaching!!  I believe we all came away encouraged, challenged, inspired, and stretched to say the least.  THANK YOU REV. WALTER HEDSTROM, SR. JUDY FAY, AND BRIANNA FALL FOR MINISTERING TO US!!!  The devotionals each morning by Rev. James Hallenbeck and Rev. Dan Waterman were timely and outstanding!  The closing challenge by Pastor Erik Samborski was just that, A CHALLENGE TO WORK IN THE HARVEST FIELD!  It was evident that all went away with a renewed vision of what God can and wants to do among us in these days!! 

Last night I was privileged to attend the Central Zone Youth Rally at our PIlgrim Church in Rockwood, NY.  As our central zone chairman, Rev. Richard Owens led the service it was evident that God was in our midst.  It was a packed full church with total attendance of at least 86 and 4 brand new ones.  We were privileged to have the Samborski Family with us and honored to have Bro. Samborski preach the evening message!  He spoke from I Corinthians 15:10.  "But by the grace of God I am what I am: and his grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain; but I laboured more abundantly than they all: yet not I, but the grace of God which was with me".  The message clearly resonated  with all that were present, the youth as well as the mature.   At the end of the service we were able to send the Samborski's home with a van load of food and groceries as the whole Central Zone bound together to give them a food pounding.  Thank you to all that gave for the Samborski Family!  May the Lord richly bless you!!  You will find a picture below of some but not all of the items given to the Samborski's.



Recently Bro. Withe has had opportunity to become friends with some Muslims.  One day as he was searching for firewood and was able to attain some from the property owned by a  local mosque.  He was invited to this local mosque recently for their open house from 3-6 on a recent Sunday Night.  Here is a little of his testimony of what transpired.  

"I was there for 4.5 hours, finally leaving at 8:30 that night.
God gave me an excellent opportunity to sit and talk with many of the men.  My initial friend was mostly a listener, but he introduced me to many other men, and we had from 4 to 6 talking and listening the whole time.  They explained about their beliefs, and were interested to learn about the view of a christian.  I was able to explain the whole reason for his coming, from the fall of Adam, and the sin that we all are born into and with, to the need for a blood sacrifice, how Jesus was that blood sacrifice, taking our sins upon himself, dying the death we deserved, and rising again. I told them about the Holy Spirit, who lives in those who are born again, and how the HOly Spirit is the one who speaks to us and gives power to the bible.

I was able to share about how the Holy Spirit gives me the words to say in my sermons, and even speaks to those listening about things that I don't remember mentioning.
I could see that they were having many inner thoughts, and questions. 
when they spoke about the koran and Islam, they were each hesitant, often looking for support from the others in the group to be sure that they had the correct meanings and details.

When I spoke, I found that the Holy Spirit gave me the words I needed, every time, reminded me of points or details that needed to be spoken, and made my thoughts clear and ordered. 
In a group with many talking, it was easy for the conversation to drift from the main point, but the Holy Spirit made the points I needed to say, stick in my mind, even if I answered other questions, or waited while they observed their prayer times. I could tell that there was an impact, and I pray that the Holy Spirit uses the truth to convict and guide them to the truth.   

Ever since we moved to Haverhill, we have been in contact with a woman who grew up in this church, but only over the phone. she would send in offerings from time to time, but didn't want me to visit her.

Recently her relatives moved her to a home two blocks away, and for the first time since we moved here, she invited me to come visit her.
we are trying to get her to this church again, probably for the first time in decades. 
Since no one attended, we stopped our sunday night service, but I was prompted to ask if we could hold a service at the home Alice is in. the director was very happy to have us do this.

Please pray for us, our first service will be tomorrow afternoon. 
I've never really been involved in a nursing home type of service, this will be new.

Josh Withe

LET'S RALLY BEHIND BRO. WITHE AND HIS FAMILY IN PRAYER AS THEY SIMPLY WALK THROUGH OPEN DOORS THAT GOD SETS BEFORE THEM!!   We know that there are many adversaries but God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or even think!!!

I am lovin' it!!

Bro. Peabody


Last modified 4/14/18