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From: John Peabody []
Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2018 11:08 AM
Subject: Heavenly Home Going For Rev. Eugene D. Gray

Dear Pilgrim Friends,

Rev. Eugene D. Gray has made the heavenly landing safely.  He pulled into the port of heaven on Sunday October 28 at 11:45 am.  He is enjoying his eternal reward, the very reason He lived his life for.  

Rev. Eugene Gray was the first elected Conference President of the Pilgrim Holiness Church of the Midwest.  His presidency was for twenty years.  He was a true soldier of the cross!  Bro. Gray was one of the founding fathers of the Midwest Pilgrim Conference.  In the early days of the formation of the Midwest Pilgrim Conference there were some strong ties to the Pilgrims in New York.  Though we are two seperate conferences today that kindred spirit has lingered over the years and is still felt among us.  To our sister conference in the Midwest and to their President, Rev. Don Nichols, the NY pilgrims want to say thank you for the legacy of Rev. Eugene D. Gray.  His Godly influence and Character live on and though he being dead yet speaketh!!

Personally it has been a great honor for me as Conference President since 2014 to be with Rev. Eugene D. Gray in several of our conference camps and churches as he traveled with his son Paul and Nancy as they ministered to us in these settings.  It was a real privilege for me to sit on our platforms with him enjoying the blessing of the Lord and listening to Rev. Eugene D. Gray lead in prayer!  A great and Godly man of God!

Let us lift the Gray family to the throne in these difficult days!  May God bless them and surround them with His presence and give peace to their hearts.  May the family experience the strength that only comes from above as they ponder the hope of being reunited with their loved one again on the other side.  Let us keep them in prayer especially on Saturday November 3 as they no doubt will be experiencing the height of their grief.

Please find below some links to the website/viewing/funeral/obituary information.

Looking Heavenward,

Bro. Peabody

From: John Peabody []
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 2:50 PM
Subject: Greetings From The Conference PresidentDear Pilgrim Family and Friends,

Good News in Syracuse!!

Last Sunday The Syracuse Church had Fall Friend Day!
Pastor Morford had a Sunday Morning message geared for the occasion.  There were three people that came to the altar.  There was a total of between 50 - 55 people in the Sunday School/Morning Service with a 11 new people for the day.  The church put on a meal on the grounds and then they came back for a 2 pm service.  There was a total of 28 in the afternoon service.
Pastor Morford is praising God for the good turn out for the day as well as the presence of God in the services.
We rejoice with Pastor Morford and may God continue to bless and lead as souls are sought after in the city of Syracuse, NY.

Good News Continues to proceed from Haverhill!!

October 3 (Names have been erased)  Pastor Withe writes:
God is so good!
Again this past week God continues to bless us.
Last week I told you about a man named... being led to Christ by .... 
This past Friday ... was talking to one of his friends and she was being tempted to go do drugs at a party Friday night..... told her to come to a meeting with him, and he and ... arranged a recovery group meeting in the church. 
She was born again that night!
Two others showed up as well, and God blessed the meeting.
I've mentioned the Goshen church to you, they've been trying to reach the homeless through giving out food, but didn't have much success. Two Saturdays ago ... and I brought the food down to the local park where the homeless hang out most days. Instead of having to throw away untaken lunches, ... reported that all were taken.
This past Saturday ... returned with the Goshen church and had the opportunity to pray with two in the park.
... is someone ... has been dealing with for a while. It turns out that he was one of the Sunday school kids here during the time Bro. Fall was pastoring here, he has two older brothers who also came to Sunday school then.  Sunday morning we started service with 6 first time visitors, and no regular attenders except .... who got saved two weeks before, and has been inviting everyone he knows. He was disappointed that some didn't make it.
All through the song service people continued to come in, some were new faces, some regular attenders. 
I had been led to serve communion,  and told Crystal to fill 30 cups on faith. She went ahead and filled all 36, which was good because we had 26 take communion. 
One more man slipped in after communion was served. 
It was a privilege to serve communion for the first time in their lives, to the couple saved at our table last week. 
He was raised Jehovah's witnesses and they only serve it to the first 144,000 members,  and only once a year.
She had never taken it before either, as far as I know.
We talked to them both about being baptized also, but .... said it was enough to just take communion for the first time. They both were visibly moved by the experience. 
After communion we baptized three ............... One of them was already a believer, but had been ready to give up and go back into drugs when he met .... and came to church instead.  The service can be seen on the Haverhill pilgrim holiness church Facebook page In the videos)
..... was saved Saturday,  and ...... the Saturday before that.
Pray for each of them as they continue their recovery from drugs and alcohol.
Both of the brothers showed up to see him baptized,  they are amazed at his being born again. 
One man who was in the church for the first time on Sunday, (He wanted to bum a cigarette off of ..., but got invited to church instead) just moved here with his family, the housing they were supposed to be moving into fell through and they ended up in Haverhill by accident  (God working!) He said he will be back with his family.
Monday we met another family that also ended up in Haverhill by accident, it turns out that the mother had walked by the church and heard us singing a few weeks ago, she told me she thought " I wish we had a church to go to" And now we've made the connection through .....
Pray that both of these families follow through. 
..... started a Monday evening prayer time,  a while ago, the past few weeks we've been encouraged and excited by the way the spirit has visited us in prayer. 
If God be for us, who can be against us?!

October 7
God continues to bless us with new contacts. 
Thursday night.... and .....were returning from the addict recovery group called new brothers around 8:30 pm, they came across a man sprawled on the sidewalk with his groceries scattered around. 
They helped him gather them up, and .....decided to walk him the rest of the way home.
.... had walked all the way to Plaistow, NH to a food pantry there for this food, and still had a ways to go to get home.
.... was tired after a long day and was tired already, He was glad when.... wanted to stop and rest after a while.
.... was very tired after a long day and started praying that God would send someone to give him a ride.
While they were resting, they heard a gunshot on the next street over. 
Then a car pulls up and a man inside kept asking..... what was going on. 
After a few times, ..... recognized his Sunday school teacher from when he was a kid.
His Sunday school teacher was feeling lonely and depressed,  and had just prayed that God would send him someone to talk to.
The man gave.... and ..... a ride to .... house, then .... had a good visit and a ride back to the church.
It turns out that his old Sunday school teacher had given up on God three years before when his wife left him, and that was the first time he had spoken to God since then.
Since then .... has been to the bible study with .... a few times. 
.... was in church Sunday, and the Sunday school teacher should be next Sunday.
Saturday.... set up a table on the church walk with food, water and bibles,  He made contact with a few this way, including a couple alcoholics who wanted to go to rehab.
At first no rehab centers had openings, but he prayed and one called back with two beds ready that day.
Crystal drove them all there.
.... got back to find another young man in the neighborhood waiting to talk with him, the young man attended here when the Groder's were here, but has gotten away from God.
Pray for him, I believe he's close to coming home to God.
Sunday we had a record attendance with 31, with two first time attendees.
Looking forward to great things from God, 
Josh Withe 

God's helping in Linesville!!!
An update from Pastor Musser:  
Greetings from linesville.
Just a note to thank God for his faithfulness, and answer to prayer. I have been feeling for some time, that we needed to be doing something more than just our local town ministry. So, last night (Friday night), Jeremy and I went to Meadville, and did some street evangelism, and passing out tracts. God greatly helped us, and we had prayed that God would help us to  share plan of salvation. That came to pass!!!! God is so Good!!!! Wonderful. Friday night Revival service we Had 15 in attendance. God's spirit was sure real and near to us.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!! We closed out the revival services tonight (Sunday). We had an average attendance of 14.2 over the 4 services. We had a new lady Wednesday night for service, and 3 new ones for the revival services. That makes a total of 11 new people in our services since Easter. Our goal by years end is 20. The 3 year goal is to double our attendance every year, for the next 2 years. That would make a total attendance of 80 by the time 3 years has passed.
In his service, John Musser Jr.

We rejoice with Pastor Musser and the Linesville Congregation.  May God continue to help them bear fruit upward as they take root downward.  Isaiah 37:31I'm Lovin' it!!!

Bro. Peabody

From: John Peabody []
Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2018 10:00 PM
Subject: Greetings From The Conference President

Dear Pilgrim Family and Friends,

Greetings in the Wonderful Name of our Risen Lord!!  Another Sunday is upon us where we can Celebrate the Resurrection of our saviour Jesus Christ!  "He is Lord, He is Lord, He is risen from the dead and He is Lord!  Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!  Yes, at times it may seem like this ole' world is in control - But... He's Still The King Of Kings and Lord of Lords!!!

I'm SOoooo... Glad I'm a Christian I am serving the Lord.  I am reading my bible and believing His Word.  The past is forgiven from sin I'm set free a mansion is waiting in heaven for me!!  The past is all under the blood!!!  PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!!

I have had a blessed week in the service of the King!!  Wednesday night My wife and I visited Northville for the prayer meeting service.  It was so encouraging to hear God's people pray!  Thank You Bro. Hock for your leadership over the Northville Congregation!  

Thursday My wife and I traveled to Marcy for the Sunday School Seminar.  Thank You to all that attended the services/sessions.  I believe at least 75 different people attended the seminar.  Thirteen of our Pilgrim Churches were represented.  Thank you to the Rome God's Missionary Church for supporting the services.  It was a real privilege to have Vice President Newman back east for the feast as we all partook of God's bountiful riches as God's truth was proclaimed during the two days.

From the moment I walked into the church Thursday night I immediately felt a real sense of energy with much anticipation and expectation of what God wanted to do for us.  What a thrill to be a part of God's Army marching to Zion!!  God's Spirit led as Sunday School Promotional Secretary Hock Chaired the Seminar all the way through.  From the opening song "And Can It Be", led by Rev. James Brewer, to the closing benediction at 4pm on Friday - Jesus surely led all the way!!  The Seminar began with a powerful Keynote message from Rev. Jeremy Fuller, "Piercing The Darkness!"  Some may choose to curse the darkness, I choose to light a candle!!! Frances Stetler did a phenomenal job with each of the four sessions on Friday as she talked about the Student, the teacher, and the curriculum.  All the services/sessions are recorded and are available.  I would advise/encourage/beseech all of you who were not able to attend to contact Pastor Brewer (email is, phone # is 315-736-4019 and cell is 315-790-0165) from Marcy and request a set of the recordings!!!!  Please do yourself a favor and make the contact now to purchase them.

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day!!!  Plan, Prepare, and Pray!!!  May God prepare our hearts for worship! Pray for your pastor as he ministers the word.  "Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true;  With Thanksgiving I'll be a living sanctuary for you!"

Have a Blessed Lord's Day!!

Bro. Peabody

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