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Rev. John A. Peabody, Jr.
Conference President


Dear Pilgrim Friends,

God has surely helped in the camp meeting season this year.  He has been faithful!! His Spirit continues to use camp meeting to work His will in, through, and among His people. We praise him for every message preached, each song that was sung, every prayer that was prayed, every testimony that was given, and for all the victories that have been won around the altar of prayer. To God Be All The Glory!!! Below is a snapshot of a report from each of our Camp Supervisors on how God has worked in 2018 at each respective camp.

Victory Grove Camp - Camp Supervisor - Rev. Kenneth Sickler (518-762-3393)

"Very thankful for the real sense of God's presence during the camp in the early morning prayer meetings and also in many of the services.  There were good responses at the altar on many occasions and we praise the Lord for that.  Rev. David Fulton and Dr. Timothy Cooley did a superb job of preaching the Word, as well as Andrew Durst, the youth Evangelist.  The Timothy Cooley Jr. Family did an excellent job of singing.  The castle theme presented by Michael and Jeanie Fritz encouraged our children to make Jesus King of their hearts.  We had a group of over 30 teens that helped in the kitchen, bathrooms, and tabernacle which helped the camp run smoothly.  The 4th of July picnic, parade, and patriotic service are always a highlight.  Also the hike and water fight on the last Saturday for the children, teens, and even some adults have become traditions.  We thank the Lord for His help during the many days of extreme heat.  No one got overheated, the attendance stayed up and all went on as usual. Thank the Lord for a great camp at Victory Grove 2018." 

Pine Ridge Camp - Camp President - Rev. Joshua Peck (814-354-2945)

"Greetings in the name of the Lord! He is worthy to be praised! We had a wonderful Camp Meeting at Pine Ridge.  Rev. John Case and Rev. Harry Plank did an excellent job speaking what God laid upon their hearts. The Rev. Jonathan Fall Family did a great job leading us in worship and song. Several individuals came to the altar and got saved. We praise the Lord for that...Souls were refreshed and renewed. I believe each one that came walked out of the service blessed in their soul. We had several individuals there for the first time who said they are coming back next year and several that hasn't been there for years make their way back onto the grounds and were blessed. We rejoice in the Lord today. 

With that being said, there is still some more wonderful news that needs to be shared. We had a young man that backslid but gave his heart to the Lord this year and since that day he has been a blessing to our camp. He wanted to know what all he can do to see the camp go forth. What projects we would like to see accomplished in the new year. Well, as President of the camp I was thrilled with the zeal and eagerness of this young man. So I laid out some of my dreams I would like to see accomplish in the days to come. One of those dreams was to redo the bathrooms in the Slozat Dorm. He said let me check around and see what I can do to help. A couple days later he called to let me know that a place he used to work for was willing to give us a few materials for the project...It wasn't much... but it was start. Little did I realize that place was going to be a blessing to our camp. About a week later, the owner of the company called me up, he said he drove by our campground and said "Your campground is beautiful." I said we as a camp have tried to keep up with the grounds...He said they looked great. (What a testimony...Praise the Lord!) He then asked what projects we wanted to see done. It was then I was able to share my heart and dream for the Slozat dorm. He said my company wants to helped. He said I will have a check in the mail for the camp. He also said we can go to his business and should be able to receive some items at discount prices or maybe even as donations...Well my heart leaped for joy. God was not finished with Pine Ridge Camp. 

Well a week and a half went by no check. Today our church was mowing the grounds of the camp and while I was riding on the tractor, I prayed. I said "Lord this is your camp and you heard the conversation I had with that owner. I said if it is your will let the check come in to help toward the project..." I came home that afternoon (in fact just two hours ago) and there in the mail was a check from the owner for $2,000 dollars to go toward the project...Praise the Lord!  
I just want to close with this. There was a young man that gave his heart to the Lord. When he talked to me, he didn't feel like he could do much but he wanted to be used by the Lord to be a blessing for our camp. Because of his contact this door may not have been opened but because he obey, God took his nothings and made them into somethings..."Little is much when God is in it, Labor not for wealth or fame. There's a crown and you can win if you will go in Jesus name." 

Adirondack Camp - Camp Supervisor - Michael Marshall (518-523-8052)

"We had a great camp this year.  The Lord really helped us with preparation and improvements of the grounds along with spiritual help during camp.  Our workers, Rev. Rowan Fay, Rev. Timothy Forsee, and the Rev. Richard Owens family really searched for the will of God in what was on their hearts to share with the congregation with their singing and preaching.
A couple of highlights to mention was the great group of young people who were able to attend much of camp. They were hard workers and responded during services.  These kids really got into the youth activities lead by Danny and Vicky Bubb with assistance from Pastor Josh Withe.  Paddling on Fallensby Clear Pond including Rev. Forsee flipping his canoe was an unforgettable experience. Our final youth activity was hiking Mt Arab to enjoy breathtaking views from the top of the firetower.

For the final Saturday afternoon service, we adjourned to a nearby pond where 14 young people and Rev. Timothy Forsee (for a second time) were baptised in a beautiful setting.
It was so wonderful to see some familiar faces on the grounds that we haven't seen in many years, but more than anything we appreciate the sweet Spirit of God that we sensed throughout camp.  Praise the Lord!

Looking forward to a great Adirondack Camp in 2019"
Binghamton Camp - Camp Supervisor - Rev. Jonathan Fall (570-222-3389)

"Binghamton Camp 2018 was marked with excellent and powerful preaching by evangelists, Rev. Walter Hedstrom from Pell City, Alabama, and Rev. Joseph Smith from Shelbyville, Indiana. Their messages were heart searching and challenging. Many received spiritual victories, and we praise the Lord for His help. Many have expressed that the messages this year by both evangelists have been some of the best preaching in many, many years. Also, the Song Evangelists this year, Ben & Sue Colburn from Bedford, Indiana. Ben Colburn is no stranger to many as he is has played the organ at IHC for many years in Dayton, Ohio. The Colburns did an excellent job in singing. Ben & Sue played the piano and organ for offertory many of times during the campmeeting, and Ben played the organ while they shared many familiar and old songs in their special singing. 
Sr. Tami Fall did the Children's ministry again with Brianna Fall assisting. Sr. Fall's  theme this year was "God's Garden-- My Heart." They did morning and afternoon sessions during the week and a Sunday afternoon service in the Tabernacle on the last Sunday of camp. The average attendance of children that attended  each session was 16. The children did a terrific job in participating and  singing. 

Jason & Bethany Morford, our camp cooks once again, did an outstanding job providing delicious and flavorful meals. Wow! Can they cook! Thanks to them for adding flavored appetites to campmeeting!

Thank the Lord for another good campmeeting. The Lord's presence was real in the services, and we are grateful to the faithful ones who come and support Binghamton Camp each year. We are trusting the Lord for the future. Praise the Lord! 

Respectfully Submitted,

Rev. Jonathan Fall
Binghamton Camp Supervisor" 

To God Be The Glory!  Let us plan, pray, and prepare for future camp meetings!  The following work days are scheduled this fall for each of our camp meetings: 
Adirondack - Saturday, September 22
Pine Ridge - Saturday, October 20
Victory Grove - Wednesday - Friday, October 24,25,26
Binghamton - Monday, October 29

Calling all Laymen!  Calling all Laymen!  We would solicit anyone who would be willing to volunteer their time.  If you are interested in helping out at any of these work days at any of the camps please contact the Supervisor/President of the camp for further information.  

"I'm Lovin it!"

Bro. Peabody

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