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10/16 J Peabody

Below is a message from the Vosburgh family.  They wanted to express their appreciation for all of your prayers and support.  There is also a video that will allow you to meet the strong little one.  Let us continue to hold the family up in prayer.

Richest Blessings,

Bro. Peabody

"Hello Church Family,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your thoughts and prayers throughout this difficult journey. We know that he is heaven today, but the pain we’re going through is very difficult. Attached is a small video which was played at his funeral and one that lets you meet this very strong little child.

Please continue praying for our family. Thank you so much. 

Mark Vosburgh and family."
10/14 R Sickler  
10/11 R Sickler

The following is the latest from Judy Sherman. Please hold them up in prayer.

"This has been the hardest day of my life! I never thought that this would be something I would have to do but we took Dale to the dr this am. She told him that the hospital could make him comfortable or hospice could do about the same n either way would not extend life but make him comfortable. Either way he has a few weeks left. In order for him to get the meds n fluids he needs he is in a hospice facility where they can give iv's. Please pray for all the family.
This is so hard for all of us. God is helping us."

You may use the address shared in earlier emails to send a card of encouragement to them.

10/5 J Peabody

Below is an update sent by Sis. Sherman.

"Took Dale to ER last night, They admitted him  n today they found out that the cancer  has gotten into his small intestine n that's causing some blockage.. Hopefully, the chemo will hold it at bay enough that he can get fluids down, otherwise there is nothing they can do for him, but make him comfortable. Unless God sends a miracle,  it doesn't look good." 

Please continue to hold Dale and Judy Sherman up in prayer.  God knows.  He knows where they are at.  God, the sustainer of all things, said, "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee."  God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in a time of trouble."  "He knows the way through the Wilderness..."

Please do not fail to hold the Shermans close to the throne!

10/5 R Case Thank you for praying for Ronny Brown.

God has answered pray. When they operated Friday they did a double bypass, but did not have to replace the two valves in his heart. God is a wonderful God.
This morning he was awake, sitting up in bed and ask for his hearing aides.

Thank you again for your prayers.
10/3 R Case

Remember Ronny Brown in prayer.  His daughter sent an e-mail.
He had chest pain all Monday night and so they sent him to Ellis.
He will have surgery on Friday: 2 valve by pass.

9/30 J Peabody

Earlier this evening I recieved a phone call from Tonweya asking special prayer for his Dad.  It hasn't been the same since he was in NY.  He is in alot of pain right now.  He has not been able to eat much in the last two weeks.  He may have to go back to the hospital.

We do not always know why the cup of suffering comes, but "...we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

Please hold him up in prayer daily.  Pray that God would be his refuge and strength.  "As his days so shall his strength be!"  Pray that Dale's (inward man will be renewed day by day.)  May God's grace be sufficient through it all. 

Keep our brother in the Lord in South Dakota close to the throne!

9/30 J Peabody

Thank You so much for your prayers for the Vosburgh Family.  Please click on the link below to view his obituary and send condolences.

Visitation will be held at the Demarco-Stone Funeral Home, 5216 Western Turnpike, Guilderland on Tuesday, October 1 from 4:00-7:00 PM. Funeral Services will be held Wednesday, October 2 at 10am at the funeral home with burial immediately following at Prospect Hill Cemetery in Guilderland.

Please keep taking the Vosburgh family to the throne.  May God continue to be their refuge and strength at this time.

9/29 R Sickler

Sophia was transferred by ambulance, early this morning to a hospital in Manaus.  She needs our prayers.  Please pray for Steve and Kezia as well.  Only one can be at the hospital at once, it is a different hospital than they have gone to before, so many unknowns.  Please pray.

9/25 J Peabody

Special Prayer is requested for the Mark and Regina Vosburgh family from our Schenectady Church.  About 5 months ago Sr. Vosburgh gave birth to twin boys;  Haedin and Kaedin.  Kaedin has had much difficulty since birth and been in the hospital most of the time.  The text below has just been sent only minutes ago by Mark Vosburgh (Daddy) in regards to Kaedin.

"Thanks for the prayers.  He's taken a change for the worse and is actively dying.  We will be taking him home under doctor/hospice care.  We are crushed.  Please pray for Kaedin and our family during this very, very difficult time."

Let us hold the Vosburgh family up in prayer.  God knows what they are going through.  Tears are a language God understands.  May the Vosburgh family experience the everlasting arms of God underneath them during these very difficult days.  To: Mark, Regina, and your 7 other children; On behalf of the Pilgrim Holiness Church Of NY Conference we commit to you our ardent prayers for you and Kaedin at this trying time.  We love you all!!!

Please send an email to the Vosburgh family at this time assuring them of your love and prayers.

9/24 J Peabody

Please remember Rev. Dale Sherman before the throne tonight.  Below is a message from his wife Judy just minutes ago.

"Could you please send out a prayer request for Dale. He is extremely sick.  We are at my sister's in  Indiana n dr has sent a prescription n if it doesn't help he has to go to the emergency room here. He can't keep anything down.
Judy Sherman "

As many of you may know They had made a trip out east recently to New York.  I beleive they left yesterday to start back to South Dakota originally planning to make several stops in the return trip.  Because of the dire need of the situation they decided not to make those stops. 

Please be faithful in taking Dale before the throne especially this evening and in the coming days.  God answers prayer and knows our every need.  May God be with Dale and Judy tonight.  May they reach out and touch the Lord as he passes by!

9/10 K SIckler

The planned trip to Haiti had to be cancelled due to increased unrest in the country.  Travel is very unsafe and everything is in an upheaval.  This has been going on for months now and life is very difficult for them.  They need God's help and protection.  Please pray for our Haitian people, also Bro. Mobley as he is there till the end of the month. 

A group of 9 left very early this morning for St. Joseph.  Steve is to perform a wedding while there.  Kezia and Sophia are going in this time.  This is a first for Sophia.  She is a very excited little lady to be going on this "adventure"!  They will be there till Sunday or Monday.  Please hold them up in prayer as they minister to these people.

Thank you for praying for our mission works in Haiti and Brazil.

Dale and Judy Sherman are making a trip east.  The Doctors. have given Dale permission to make this trip.  Please pray for traveling mercies and the strength for the journey.  We thank the Lord for His touch on Dale, but he needs our continued daily prayers.

9/10 K Sickler

Stephen and Kezia are heading out to our interior work at St. Joseph today. They will be there until September 16th. I have copied and pasted a news item  from their personal Facebook page.

We desire you prayers as we go to the Arari river this morning. We are a group of 9 headed in for the wedding of Valdo and Isabel. They have asked Stephen to marry them. We are excited to see with our own eyes the work there and the connections and influence that Santos and Terezinha are having there. We will be in the interior until Sunday or Monday. Thanks in advance for you prayers. Our little trooper Sophia is so excited. This is her first time to ride on a big bus and hammock boat. If you'd ask her where she is going she would tell you to Rio Arari and that she is going to go splash in the river.

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