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2/5 J Peabody

Prayer requested for Rev. Gary Mills. On Monday February 8th he is to have a heart procedure to fix a hole in his heart. The doctor is very optimistic about the results. This surgery is a new development in the last few years that could not be done years ago when he had his stroke (s). Below is a note from his wife, Karen.

"Surgery is early Monday morning in Camden, NJ which is about an hour away. It is a procedure to close the hole in his heart that the doctors feel has been causing the blood clots that have resulted in several strokes. He is supposed to stay in the hospital overnight. As is the "norm" these days, I can only drop him off at the front door and go back and pick him up the next day. This is cause for anxiety for both of us. But God has opened the door for this to finally be addressed so we are trusting in His care, knowing that "He doeth all things well." Thank you for your prayers!"

Let us hold Bro. and Sis. Mills up in prayer as they face this. God is our refuge and he has promised to be with us. He will not fail.

Please share this in your Sunday Services. Thanks
2/3 J Peabody

On Monday morning February 1, David Wilcox passed away.  Bro. Wilcox was a member of our Lake Placid Pilgrim Holiness Church.  For clarity for some who do not know, he was adopted by Fred and Lorraine McCully, hence his name Paul McCully, but later changed his name to his birth parents (Wilcox).

Viewing and Services are scheduled for this Saturday, February 6 at the Lake Placid Pilgrim Holiness Church.  Viewing will be from 1 pm - 2 pm with the funeral service at 2 pm.

As of now the obituary is not available but may be soon.  Please click on the link below to view the obituary, send condolences, or share a memory.

As Pilgrims, let us be in continued prayer for the family of Bro. Wilcox.  May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Comfort of the Holy Spirit be the family's portion at this time.

1/24 J. Brewer Bob and Joan Lake need your prayers. Joan has been house-bound long before Covid, however, in December Joan suffered a stroke. She has since contracted Covid-19 and now pneumonia. In recent days a soft feeding tube has been inserted. She remains very weak. Bob who has also been diagnosed with Covid, has seen his wife for only a few minutes since the stroke and the brief phone calls of coherent conversation do not make a dent in the long and lonely hours of quarantine. Last week funeral arrangements were made as hope looks dim. Please help us hold them up in prayer.
1/9 J Peabody

Sr. Paulette Fay went home to be with Jesus, yesterday, January 8.  Heaven has gained another choir member. She was a long time member of our Lake Placid Pilgrim Holiness Church.  We thank Sis. Fay for her faithful service to God's work through the many years.  She will be missed by many.

Paulette was a daughter to the late Rev. Joseph and Mabel Hunting, a longtime minister in our conference.  Please remember the family in prayer during this difficult time.  Paulette's daughter, Rebecca (Jonathan) Ramsey are members at our Kingston, Ontario Pilgrim Holiness Church.

On behalf of the Pilgrim Holiness Church of NY, Inc I want to express to the family our deepest sympathy, sincere love, and heartfelt prayers at this difficult time.  We love you!  Pilgrims, Let us covenant together in prayer to bring the family before the throne!

Because of travel restrictions there are no services until spring.

Please click on the link below to share a memory, upload a photograph or leave condolences.

1/1 J Peabody

Yesterday Sis. Olive Cook passed away.  Sis. Cook was a member of our Russell Pilgrim Holiness Church.  In earlier years she had been a part of our Pilgrim Holiness Church in Ogdensburg.  Later she moved to the Russell area and attended our church in Russell.  For a period of time she became disconnected from the church.  In recent years ( the last 3 - 4 years ) through the faithfulness of Pastor Charles Colton and Rev. Stephen Smith (Evangelist in Russell at the time) went to visit Olive Cook and from then on she continued faithfully to attend and became a member once again.  It was interesting to learn just recently that Olive's father (Nelson) and my mother's Grandfather (Aurthur) were brothers.  Last name was Forbes.

Sis. Cook will be missed by many.  Our deepest Sympathy, sincere love, and heartfelt prayers to the Cook family.  

Please click on the link below to view the obituary, share a memory, or send condolences.  It may be a day or two before the obituary is up in full.

12/30 J Peabody

This week, again, I am reminded that we are "Pilgrims" just passing through.  This world is not our home!  We are seeking a "...better country..."  Let us determine to make it to the " where they need no sun..."

Last Friday Pearl Curtis passed away.  He was a preparatory member and long time attendee of our Pilgrim Holiness Church in Russell, New York.  Pastor Charles Colton participated in his funeral service yesterday.  You can click on the link below to view his obituary, send condolences, or share a memory. 

On Sunday Sr. Barbara J. Ginter passed away.  "She was a lifelong member of the Northville Pilgrim Holiness Church and dedicated her life to live for the Lord."
There is a viewing today from 4 to 6 pm.  Funeral service is tomorrow at 11am.  Please click on the link below for more info regarding her funeral arrangements, to view her obituary, send condolences, share a memory, or to find information about making a donation.!/Obituary

12/15 R Sickler

Just received word that Sophia is now the newest citizen of the good old USA!!! We praise Thee O God for your gracious answer to our prayers. Let us keep the Millses in our prayers as they follow through with all the accompanying official documents including Sophia's Passport.

Thank you, again, for praying.

10/22 J Peabody

"I am sharing this prayer request with permission."
Kathy Hallenbeck, pastor's wife of our PHC in Grand Gorge, called me today to let us know that their son Wesley, was in a four wheeler accident a few days ago. He suffered a concussion and an ear injury (that they are concerned about). He is having a rough day. Please, pray for the
family. I know they would appreciate it.
God cares about every detail of our lives and He loves when we talk to Him about those details.
"What a Friend We Have in Jesus!"" submitted by Sr. Gina Peabody

Let us not fail to take Wesley to the throne!


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