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6/14 G Johnsen

Happy to report that my daughter Denise is now home. Although far from well, she can continue to recover as an outpatient.

Thank you for all your prayers.

6/12 R Sickler

This Tues. and Wed. our mission in Brazil is conducting a first time ever Ministerial Convention.  Bro. and Sr. Delbert Howard from southern Brazil are the scheduled speakers.  Please pray that this time will be a time of refreshing and instruction for our pastors and wives there in Brazil and for our missionaries as well.

Denise Johnsen, George Johnsen's daughter, is very seriously ill
in the St. Peter's Hospital in Albany.  Please pray for her and also her father.  This is very difficult for him.

Thank you for taking these needs to our Father.

4/4 R Sickler

Bro. Peabody and Bro. Sickler are enroute to Haiti.  If all goes as planned they should arrive early evening.  Please pray for their safe arrival, and that the Lord will make them a real blessing to our Haitian folk.  I will plan to keep you updated from time to time, as well as Bro. Peabody.  Thanks again for your prayers.

3/27 J Peabody

Thank You so much for your prayers for my wife today!  We just arrived back home and all is well. The Doctor says it was a success and all the Fibroid tumor was completely removed. 

3/26 R Sickler Sr. Peabody will be having surgery tomorrow morning, Monday at 10:30.  Please remember her in prayer
3/24 J. Morford Praising the Lord for helping Anson. The tumor is benign. Doctors believe the tumor was gotten in its entirety. Chemo should not be needed.
3/18 J. Morford

A friend of mine's 12 year-old son, Anson, has been found to have a brain tumor. The type, size, and location are all bad news. They are anticipating surgery on Monday. He's fighting for his life. He and his family need our prayers during this very trying time.

3/10 R. Fay We feel the peace that comes from the Lord.  Truck and guard rails totaled....  but no air bags and my "bun head" was not even knocked down!   Wow!  How great is that!   Lol.  Better to hit guard rails than a car pileup.   Will continue to trust Him.   He makes no mistakes.
3/10 R Sickler

I just received word that, Bro. and Sr. Fay, on their way home from Bus Convention, were involved in a car accident.  We are so grateful they were not hurt, but their car was totaled, and I am sure they are very shook up.  Please pray for them at this time of need.

3/4 J. Brewer Looking forward to the Spring! God has granted great strength to Bro William Gant. He does a wonderful job conducting the Sunday School class, nursing home service, and Jail service. He is active in the Gideon Organization and works closely with the International Fellowship of Christian Farmers! What a man!
Bro Postol has been given a new lease on life after his emergency gall bladder surgery! Snow over 3 feet deep but he and his faithful wife Wendy just continually cease to amaze us.
Three new families have started and continue to come for the most part during the past three months. We are beginning to practice for our Easter Cantata!
As a congregation we are studying "Spiritual Gifts" in the morning services. Several services of late have had a melting around the altar or the jubilant joy of testimony! God is moving in Marcy!
3/4 D Shumway

It is time for a sincere "THANK YOU" to each one/church who prayed for us during and following my surgery. It was huge and took me very low, but (thank the Lord) I am now seeing significant improvement.  I will meet with oncologists and visit the surgeon again on March 15th in Syracuse.

Please continue to pray for Nancy: She had 8 Radio Frequency Ablations in her spine Jan 23rd with no "visible" result.  Next, the pain management doctor will inject L5 the same way to try to control the stenosis. Pray for relief from severe back pain especially when standing


G Spencer

Pray for our family here in New Jersey. There are no holiness churches within one hundred miles of us.
2/12 G Quintana

Well, I just want to say, look what my God can do! This was taken as we moved dad (Glen Quintana Sr) out of ICU. 
He is much better but has a long way to go. Thank you all for your prayers over this past week. Keep praying and believing.
We just left the hospital and are on our way back to NY. Want to beat that snowstorm.

2/10 R Sickler

Bro. Glenn Quintata Sr. is in the ICU in Pennsylvania.  He has several issues going on at this time and needs our prayers.

2/7 R Sickler

Bro. Shumway is out of the hospital and recuperating at their daughter's house in Syracuse for a few days, before heading back to Bloomingdale.  Please continue to pray for his healing.  I'm sure they would appreciate a phone call, email or card letting them know you are praying for them.

Also this is late, but I just received word that tomorrow, Feb. 8th, is Charles Heckman's 90th birthday.  A belated card would be in order.  His address is: P.O. Box 654, Hobe Sound, FL  33475

2/1 R Sickler

I just spoke with Sr. Shumway this morning and she said her husband came through the 7 hour surgery as well as can be expected.  He will wait on results for further treatment, if necessary.  She is "hanging in there" at home doing ok.  Please continue to hold both of them up in prayer as the days come and go.

2/1 R Sickler

Bro. Dan Shumway is going to have major surgery, Thursday morning at 8:00, in the Upstate University Medical Center in Syracuse, NY. Please hold him up in prayer. Also remember Sr. Shumway as she is at home in Bloomingdale.  This is difficult being separated from each other during this time.  Thank you for your prayers in their behalf.

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