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5/24 J Peabody

Bro. Freddy Lamphear crossed over Jordan on Friday morning May 22, 2020.  He was a Dear Saint of God from our Northville Pilgrim Holiness Church.  He is now home rejoicing in the presence of Jesus.  His sister, Marion Weaver, also attends the Northville PHC.  Bro. Lamphear also leaves behind two daughters and their husbands and families, Rev. & Mrs. Paul Hornberger, and Greg & Leilani Slaybaugh.  To send a card, the address is Marion Weaver, 2293 State Route 8, Lake Pleasant, NY 12108.  The daughters & their husbands will be with Marion for a week or two.

To the Lamphear family:  On behalf of the Pilgrim Holiness Church of NY, Inc, I want to express to you our deepest sympathy, heartfelt love, and earnest prayers as you travel again through this valley of the shadow of death.  Remember, God is with you!  He will walk with you all the way!  "...In joy or in sorrow, today and tomorrow, I know that He'll walk with me"  

Pilgrim Family and Friends, Let us hold the Lamphear family up in prayer during this difficult time.

 Please click on the link below to view the obituary, send condolences, share a memory, send flowers, or make a donation in lieu of flowers.!/Obituary


J Peabody

Let us bring and hold the Collins Family to the throne today and in the coming days.  The immediate message is from Sr. Judy Sherman, Rev. Dan Collins Sister.
"Please pray for all the brother is home."
The message below is from his son James:
"May 16, 2020
Our father has just taken his first celestial breath in heaven at 8:20 am this morning. He is rejoicing in heaven free of pain. Please continue to pray for the family as we work though funeral arrangements. —James"

From dad's close friend, Dennis Hartman:
"... he was the last one standing. He loved his dear sweet Jesus. He loved his dear family. He was a great man, and a wonderful friend. And he knew how to wreck blue Ford pick-up trucks too. I knew he was always there. A soldier, a defender of the Faith, and a big missionary heart all in one husband, father, and most of all my friend. My friend. Really, I guess the last preacher friend that i could see eye to eye with. O Dan, when you finish praiseing Jesus - give him a hug for me. I love you my brother. I'll see you a bit later."

To the Collins Family:  On behalf of the Pilgrim Holiness Church of NY Conference I extend to you our deepest sympathy, heartfelt love, and earnest prayers!  We love you and May God sustain you at this time with His grace.  Remember, underneath you are "HIs everlasting Arms"!

5/14 J Peabody

Prayer is requested for a Rev. Dan Collins.  He is not well.  

His sister, Sr. Judy Sherman shares the request below:

"Please request prayer for my brother. He is not doing well. He was in hospital but they are taking him home and his kids will all be there by Saturday. We are in lockdown at least till Sunday, so I  don't know if I can even get there. Thanks."

Let us hold Bro. Collins, his wife Deborah, and children up in prayer.  Also remember in prayer the whole Collins family.

May God's grace sustain them.  God's grace is sufficient.  I remember doing a Ministerial internship under Bro. Dan Collins in/around  July1987 on the Indian reservation in Winslow, Arizona.  I appreciate the memories and influence that he had upon my life at that time.

To the Collins Family:  May you experience the strength that only comes from our God, and the comfort of the blessed Holy Spirit.  We love you.

5/8 Peabody

Please remember Sr. Rhea Dawn Owens in prayer.  She has been hospitalized this last night.  Below is a message from Bro. Owens:

"This is Richard posting for Rhea Dawn who spent the night in the Cooperstown Hospital. She has had prolonged numbness at various times, so she went to get checked out. Doctors are treating it like a mini stroke. (TIA) She is on plavix (anti-coagulant), and will have an MRI today, May 8. She presently does not have any symptoms."

Let's pray for Sr. Owens as well as for the Owen's family. This is tough on them because they can't be with their loved due to this pandemic. Let's hold them up to God's throne.

5/5 R Sickler

Steve Mills is asking us  to pray for him tomorrow evening, Wed.  He is going to visit a new family in Manacapuru that have real spiritual needs.  He needs God's wisdom and guidance as he talks with them.  Please hold him up in prayer.

5/4 J Peabody

Prayer is requested for Rev. Jason Morford (Syracuse, NY) and Rev. Jeremy Morford (Altamont, KS).  As you know they are brothers and they just received word tonight that their uncle committed suicide.  They were very close to this uncle as he stepped in as dad after their dad died.  Obviously, this comes as a total shock to them.  They would appreciate and covet your prayers at this time.

May God comfort and Strengthen the Morford family as only God can do.  Jeremy and Jason, we love you and we pray God's sustaining grace to under gird you at this very difficult time.  Please remember that even now God's everlasting arms are underneath you, his wings are above you, his rod and staff are beside you.  He as your shepherd is in front of you, and his goodness and mercy will follow you.  May God hide you in the cleft of the rock, sheltered safe within the arms of God. 

Let us Pilgrims covenant together to call upon God for Jeremy and Jason and their families.  You are free to send an email or text message to them letting them know of your prayers and support.
Jason  570-765-3683
Jeremy    518-688-7678

There is one request.  They are asking everyone to please not post anything on facebook.  It has not even been announced yet.  The Morford thank you for your prayers and cooperation in advance.

5/2 J Peabody

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus!  As you prepare for the Lord's day tomorrow please remember the prayer requests below in your services/prayer times tomorrow.

Tunkhannock -  Bro. Carl Greenley passed away this morning.  He had been in a nursing home for some time now.  Bro. Greenley was a long time member, board member, and Church treasurer for many years.  Bro. Greenley is enjoying his heavenly reward.  Please remember the Greenley family in prayer.  May God's grace sustain them at this time.  Pray for Rev. Joel Byer as he ministers to the family.

Grand Gorge -   Bro. Elden Cook passed away.  He had been in the hospital.  The funeral and burial was today.  Please continue to pray for the Cook family as they are grieving.
May God sustain the Cook family at this time.  May they feel the touch of God in their lives.  May HIS EVERLASTING ARMS support them in the coming days.

Middleburgh - Please continue to pray for Sis. Lois Schenk and the Owens family. 

Rockwood -   Please continue to pray for Sis. Ruth Sickler.  She did come home from the hospital earlier this week.  She had a heart Catheterization and a stint was put in.  She feels better.  Let us lift her to the throne for God's continued help.

Remember in prayer all of our ministers and churches that will be sharing tomorrow over social media, facebook, radio, phone conference call, church and drive in services, etc.
The list includes but is not limited to:
Rev. Erik Samborski
Rev. Rowan Fay
Bro. Joshua Withe
Rev. Dan Waterman
Sr. Carol Williams
Rev. Perry Case
Rev. Larry Major
Rev. Joel Byer
Bro. Trevor Mills
Rev. Stephen Smith
Rev. and Mrs. Andrew Manley
Rev. Gordon Warner
Rev. Terry Newman
Rev. Joshua Peck
Rev. Isaac Clark
Rev. Jeremy Morford
Rev. Asa Sherman
Rev. Derald Hunt

4/27 J Peabody

!  Please continue to remember the Sicklers in prayer.  Sr. Ruth Sickler is still in the Hospital and will be having a heart catherization tomorrow and if a stint needs to be put in it will be put in at that time.  May we Pilgrims hold Sr. Sickler close to the throne as we trust God to help her tomorrow and give the doctors wisdom.

We will try to keep you posted as to her progress as information becomes available.

Your prayers are very much appreciated.

4/25 J.Peabody

Please continue to remember the Sicklers in prayer over the weekend.  Sr. Ruth Sickler is in the Hospital and probably will be there at least throught the weekend.  They are continuing to run tests.

We will try to keep you posted as to her progress as information becomes available.

Your prayers are very much appreciated.

4/24 J Peabody

Prayer is requested for Sr. Ruth Sickler.  She has been feeling heaviness in her chest off and on, and is being admitted to Ellis Hospital so she can undergo more testing.

Thank you so much for your prayers.  

4/23 J Peabody

Please continue to remember in prayer Sr. Lois Schenck.  Here is an update from Sr. Owens:
"We just brought my mother home. She is on palliative care. Nothing can be done for her surgically. She is on medicine and will have various visiting professionals come. Thanks to everyone who is praying!"

4/21 J.Peabody

Please remember in prayer Sr. Lois Schenck from our Middleburgh Pilgrim Holiness Church.  Below is a facebook post from her daughter, our pastor's wife, Sr. Rhea Dawn Owens:

"Lois Schenck is at Cooperstown Bassett Hospital, having suffered a heart attack Sunday night. At present she is in ICU, in critical condition. Prayers are appreciated."

We love Sr. Schenck!  Let us, as her Pilgrim Family, lift her to the throne for God's continued care and touch in her life.  She is such a blessing to Christendom!  Sr. Schenck, God will take care of you, Through everyday, o'er all the way!  Prayers also for the Owens family as they cannot see her because of the covid-19 guidelines.  May God's angels surround the whole family at this time.

3/26 J Peabody

Sis. Marlene Sherman came through her surgery fine.  All is well.  The pathology reports all came back good.  The cancer was contained.  The surgeon was able to get it all with the surgery.  Praise The Lord!

is requested for Paul Durgan from Indiana.  He is the son of Roland and Geraldine Durgan from our church in Canandaigua.  A message from his sister, Betty, is below:

"I would like to start a prayer chain for my brother, Paul.  He is very sick with the Coronavirus which is more of a concern with his asthma.  Praying he can stay home and not have to go to the hospital!"  Let us hold Paul up in Prayer!  God knows and God cares!

3/24 J Peabody

Many may have already heard, but please lift Leonard Sankey and his family to the throne of God at this time.  

Bro. Leonard Sankey was scheduled for surgery this Thursday but the doctor cancelled it because of COVID-19.  Below is a recent facebook post from Sr. Janet Sankey...

"In light of all that’s happening around us these days it seems very important for us to remain connected despite our social distancing mandate.

With that said, our family,Beth Sankey Stetler Steve Stetler Vonnie Sankey Bryan E Andrew Bryan II Marc Sankey Melodie Sankey and our grandchildren feel the need of your prayer support now more than ever. It appears that my husband may have bladder cancer. All the tests thus far indicate a mass/tumor in his bladder that is worrisome for cancer. Also something suspicious in left kidney. With his family history (father and brother) having had bladder cancer it makes it very urgent for us to know what we’re facing. We had fully intended to share this information with you, our friends, after his surgery this Thursday, thereby having more information and treatment plans. However, his surgeon just called and canceled his surgery due to lack of supplies and his fear in the face of the corona virus for my 83 year old husband to even be in the hospital right now. We will endeavor to keep you informed as necessary, but the largest favor you can do for us right now is to pray for wisdom and strength. Our faith is strong, our confidence that God is in control is firm. At this point we don’t have answers so spare yourself from asking questions. We have been and will remain quarantined indefinitely "

2/12 J Peabody

Please pray for Mark Vosburgh.  He is asking for prayer at this time.  His request is copied and pasted below.

"Hello Brother. Please pray for me. For the last days since Friday night I have been withdrawing from a pain drug which was prescribed for me. It didn't work and now it has been said that it is worse than Heroine for me to get off. I am having terrible depression, nausea, terrible stomach pain, etc.  Please pray that I can get some help in this process and feel better.  This is not a private prayer request so as many people want to pray. Pray on. 


Let us as a conference lift him to the throne!

If you would like to send him an email telling him you are holding him up in prayer his email address is: or

If you would like to send him a card His mailing address is:

Mark Vosburgh
2210 Gifford Church Road
Schenectady, New York 12306

2/1 J Peabody

Please continue to remember the Heckman family in prayer tomorrow in your services.  Let us lift them to the throne room of God as the Word exhorts us, "Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus...Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need." Hebrews 10:19, 4:16

The viewing and funeral is scheduled for Monday, February 10, 2020 @ The Hobe Sound Bible Church (CEC building)
Viewing is @ 1 pm and the funeral service will be 2 pm.  Rev. Matt Ellison will be officiating.

Please click on the link below to view the obituary, send condolences/share a memory, and/or send flowers.

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