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3/22 J Peabody

Special Prayer request from Missionary Secretary Sickler regarding Brazil Youth Camp:
"Rev. and Mrs Stephen Mills have scheduled a youth camp for tonight and all day Saturday. There are 10 adults from Manaus that are coming to assist them. There is an anticipated group of 25 teens taking part in these activities. Please pray that the Lord will bless and anoint their efforts to evangelize these young people this weekend. Thank you for praying.
Rev. Ken Sickler"

Request from Rev. John Musser Jr. (Linesville)
"Just needed to ask for prayer.  I am very sick.  I have not been well for several weeks.  I have missed a couple days of work, and I can't hardly make it out of bed today.  I went to the doctor yesterday and the blood work was good and the flu test was negative, so we are not sure what is going on.  Thank you for your prayers.  God has been so good.  I have been growing in leaps and bounds spiritually, and God has been so real in our services here in Linesville.  We are so blessed!"

Continue to pray for Sharon Major still hospitalized in Malone, NY

Continue to pray for Rev. Dale Sherman and his family!

Update from Josh Withe RE: His father
"Yesterday (Wednesday) he was in surgery to look for blockages. The doctor found a one, and was trying to insert a stent. 
After trying for a while the doctor woke my dad up to tell him about the problem, the doctor told my mother my dad responded something along the lines of "well my life is in Jesus hands" and as he said that, the stent just popped into place!.
The doctor is also a christian.
Please continue to remember him in prayer,  and thank you to everyone who has been,  God is so good!
Josh Withe"  (Bro. Peabody note: I believe he was on tap to come home soon via facebook message) 

Syracuse: Special Service on Saturday March 30 at 3 pm.  "Heritage" (Ladies Trio) from Penn View Bible Institute.  

Schenectady:  Special Service Sunday night March 31 @ 6pm "Heritage" (Ladies Trio) from Penn View Bible Institute.

Asking all to pray for our Pilgrim Ministerial convention next week.  Attached to this email is the flyer/brochure for the convention.  Looking forward to God coming and meeting with us.  We also look forward to Dr. Timothy Cooley coming to speak to us in the sessions.


J Peabody

I had contact with Josh Withe tonight and he writes, "my father had a heart attack this morning, he's currently in the hospital and stable, but has been having heart issues for a while now.  Asking for prayers for his health, but am very comforted to know God is in control, and this world isn't the end for God's children."  Let us continue to lift Bro. Withe to the throne. 

Also please continue to lift Sis. Sharon Major to the throne.  Bro. Major writes, "She has been admitted back into the hospital on Monday with Afib and pneumonia.  She did get good results on her blood last week after the 1st round of chemo.  She started 2nd round but now is suspended until she is released from the hospital."  

"Prayer is just as big as God is.  Prayer is just as strong as God is strong."  God is able!!

3/19 H Welch

I want to send along a heart-felt THANK YOU for your prayers on the behalf of Jeanette and the missionary work there in Malawi.  Tropical Cyclone Idai has stayed far enough south of Malawi, that as of this morning when I was talking with Jeanette, they had noticed some dark clouds, but haven’t had any rain all week long.  As a result of the rain free past few days, the river that she lives beside has dropped back down in the water level, lessening the chance of further flooding at this time.  The current projections show the remnants of Idai continuing on inland into the continent of Africa, completely missing Malawi.  God truly does control the “winds and the waves” and I thank Him for His providential care for Jeanette.  And again: “Thank you” to all of you who have remembered her in prayer concerning this need.

3/18 J Peabody

Please remember the Bills family in prayer this week.  Stanley Bills passed away yesterday morning.  For many years Stanley and Jane Bills have been connected to The Pilgrim Holiness Church.  The name Bills is a household name among the Pilgrim Conference Family.  They faithfully attended and supported our Fox Hill and Northville Churches.  It must have been at least 20 years ago I remember as a much younger preacher filling in at Fox Hill and my young family enjoying the Sunday afternoon as we sat at Stan and Jane's table over a wonderful meal and fellowship with Stan and Jane and a full house at their homestead.  May God bless the memory and life of Stan Bills.  To Sis. Jane and the rest of the Bill's family:  Thank you for sharing your husband, dad, uncle, and grandpa with the rest of us.  Please know that we offer to you our deepest sympathy and pledge to you our heartfelt love and earnest prayers at this difficult time in your lives.  We love you all!

The Funeral Arrangements are as follows:

     Wednesday, March 20 @ 5-7 PM at The Northville Funeral Home

Northville Funeral Service, Inc.

401 Bridge Street
Northville, NY 12134
  Visitation: Thursday, March 21 @ 10 am at Northville Pilgrim Holiness Church
Funeral Service:
     Thursday, March 21 @  11:00 AM at The Northville Pilgrim Holiness Church

The address of the church is below:
1284 County Hwy 123 
Mayfield, NY 12117

Please take a moment and click on the link below to view the obituary, send flowers, or share a memory for the family to see.

As Pilgrims let us bind together and hold the Bill's family before the throne of God in the coming days ahead!

3/18 J Peabody

Please continue to remember The Dale Sherman Family at this time.  Dale has been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer and it is in the advanced stage.  Please pray for God's help and care for the family at this time.  Dale, Judy and other family members are in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where his treatments will begin tomorrow.  Obviously many sudden and unexpected expenses have accumulated quickly so please take a moment and click on the link below and consider donating funds to help with the expenses that the family has and will incur during this time.  It may very well be that your church may feel it upon their heart to take up a love offering.  Please mind God as the Spirit moves in your life.  Let us rally around the Sherman family, our brothers and sisters of the Pilgrim Family, at this time and let them know that they are loved!

May God undergird Dale and his family at this time as they are lifted up on Eagle's Wings!  Exodus 19:4

Visit Go-fund-me page to contribute to help paying expenses

For those who are unaware of the relationship regarding the recent passing of Stanley Bills, this was Rev. Dale Sherman's uncle.  Stanley Bills was Dale's mother's brother.

This obviously adds to the already heavy load that the Sherman's are having to bare! Please continue to hold the Sherman family before the throne in these days ahead! 

3/14 J Peabody

Please find copied and pasted an update from Sis. Judy Sherman regarding her husband Dale.

"Again we want to thank all of you for your prayers. That is what is helping us through this.
It has been determined that Dale does have cancer, they don't know where or what at this time. This has been a real rough 2 weeks n we are just trying to trust God. 

Please pray for the next couple days as they do tests n we figure out what the next step is.
He is in Sanford Medical
Medical/oncology unit
Room 6212
Sioux Falls,  SD 
My cell number is 605-515-1071
 If I can't answer a call or text , I will as soon as I'm able.
Thx so much. Judy"

Let us together as the PIlgrim family continue to bring Dale to the throne of Grace!  God is able!  
To the Sherman Family:  Please know that we as your Pilgrim Family are with you in this!   WE love and appreciate you all and want to assure you of our love, prayers, and support at this time.  May God give you and the doctors wisdom in determining the next step(s) ahead.  

"He's the lily when I'm in the valley, He's my physician when I'm in pain, He's my helper when I need His counsel, and He's with me in sunshine and rain.  He's a friend that sticketh closer than a brother, and He's always by my side, Why should I be afraid? Why should I be dismayed? When my Jesus will always abide." 

Your prayer partners in this
3/13 J.Peabody

Please pray for the safety and protection of Jeanette Welch.  She is from our Green Grove Church and presently serves as a missionary in Malawi, Africa.

They have just been through a Hurricane with another one on it's way!
The document attached gives a complete update and comes from Harold Welch, Jeanette's dad.

3/12 R Sickler

We just received word that Bro. Dale Sherman has taken a turn for the worse and is being taken to  a hospital in Sioux Falls, 4 hours from where they live.  Please remember him and his wife Judy and the rest of the family, in prayer during this very difficult time..  His dad has arrived out there to be with them.

Also, Sharon Major started her 2nd of 4 rounds of chemo today.  Please continue to pray for them as well.

3/12 J Peabody

Please continue to pray to the Pidgeon and Clapper families.  The Funeral service for Donald Pidgeon is this Friday @ 6 pm at the Lewis-Hurley-Pietrobono Funeral Home  at 51 Dietz St., Oneonta, NY.

Please click on the link below to view the obituary, write condolences, or send flowers.

Please also continue to pray for Rev. Dale Sherman.  He is getting worse again.  They are taking him to the hospital as I write this.  They are on there way to Sioux Falls, SD, about four hours away.  They should arrive about 9 pm.  I understand that his dad, Rev. John Sherman is with him.  Please hold Dale and the whole Sherman family up in prayer at this time.  Let's bind together that God would touch Dale in a mighty way!

Please remember in prayer Rachel Owens, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Richard Owens, pastor of our church in Middleburgh, NY .  She was admitted to the hospital last night in Cobleskill.  She needs a touch from the Master.  Let's hold her and her family to the throne at this time.

Let's continue to trust God for the needs all around us!  "God is still on the throne and he will remember his own!  His promise is true He will not forget you!  God is still on the throne

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