(as elected 8/2020)

Rev. John A. Peabody, Jr.
Conference President

Contact Information:
32 Cadillac Avenue
Albany, NY 12205 
518-456-3436 (Home) 
609-425-8336 (Cell) 


Vice President

Rev. Joel Byer


Rev. Jonathan Fall


Mr. Charles Whitney

Missionary Secretary

Rev. Kenneth Sickler

2020-2021 Council

Advisory Members
Rev. Isaac Clark, Rev Josh Peck, Rev. Merle Hock and Rev. Terry Newman

President (Emeritus)

Rev. Donald M. Myers

President (Emeritus)
Rev. Paul Case, Sr.
Rev. Paul Case, Sr.

Board of Trustees

David Sickler 3 years
Rev. Daniel Shumway (Chair) 1 year
David Case (Sec) 2 years

Examining Board

Rev. James Brewer 1 year
Rev.Daniel Shumway 1 year
Rev. Daniel Heckman (Chair) 3 years 
Rev. Stephen Smith 3 years
Rev. Tim Montgomery (Sec) 2 years

Polity Committee

Rev. James Hallenbeck 1 year
Rev. Richard Owens (Sec) 1 years
Rev. Darold Hunt 3 years
Rev. Gorden Warner Jr 2 years
Rev. Joshua Peck (Chair) 2 years

Sunday School Board

Rev. Joel Byer (Vice Pres)
Rev. Merle Hock (SS Promo Sec)
Rev. Andrew Manley

Sunday School Promotion Secretary

Rev. Merle Hock

Pilgrim News Circulation Manager


Conference Publication Editor
Rev. John A. Peabody, Jr.
Conference Office Editor

Tim Miller
Rhea Dawn Owens - Assistant Editor

Conference Statistician

Rev. Jason Morford

George Johnsen - Webmaster
Jacob Peabody - Assistant Webmaster
Rev. Jonathan Fall - Liaison

Church Extension Coordinator
Rev. Terry Newman
Prayer Coordinator
Rev. Stephen Smith
Rev. Erik Somborsk

Youth Director

Rev. John A. Peabody, Jr.

Youth President

Rev. Joel Byer

Youth Vice President

Rev. Aaron Lambeth

Youth Secretary
Marianna Sickler

Youth Treasurer

Rev. Jason Morford

Memorials Committee

Tami Fall (Chair)
Ruth Sickler (Sec)
Heidi Clark

Reception Committee

Josh Withe (Chair)
Tonweya Sherman  (Sec) 
Rev. Stephen Lambeth

Resolutions Committee

Rev. Larry Major (Chair)
Rev. Paul Baker (Sec)
Tonweya Sherman,
Rev. Stephen Lambeth
Rev. James Davis
Carol Williams,
Rev. Jason Morford
Josh Withe
Rev. Dan Waterman

Ways And Means Committee

Rev. Alvin Downs (Chair)
Rev. Aaron Lambeth (Sec)
Charles Whitney
Rev. Paul Case, Jr
Rev. Jason Damin
Rev. Joseph Winkler
Rev. Perry Case
Trevor Mills
Rev. Michael Musser

Financial Committee

Charles Whitney (Present Treasurer)
Rev. Dan Shumway (Trustee)
Rev. Dan Heckman (Former Treasurer)

Foreign Missions Committee
Conference Missionary Sec Rev. Sickler Conference Treasurer Whitney
Rev. William Saxton (Consultant) Conference President Rev. Peabody
Church Extension Committee

Rev. Terry Newman (Chair)
Rev. Jonathan Fall (Sec)
Rev. Rowan Fay (Consultant)
Rev. Erik Samborski
Rev. William Saxton (Consultant)
Trevor Mills
Tonweya Sherman

Conference Auditor
Outside Auditor
Ministerial Planning Committee

Rev. and Mrs. John A. Peabody Jr
Rev. and Mrs Joel Byer .
Rev. and Mrs. James Brewer
Rev. and Mrs. Alvin Downs
Rev. and Mrs. Jonathan Fall
Rev. and Mrs. Aaron Lambeth

Area Auditors

Central – Merylin A. Ellis
Northern – Jeffrey L. McCallus, Sr.
Western PA and Ohio - TBD
Southern - TBD

Editing Committee

Rev. Jonathan Fall
Rev. Paul Case Sr.
Rev. Andrew Manley

Last modified 8/30/20