Massena Buildings On the Move!

Back in 1989, the Massena church was literally moved down the road to its current
location on Route 37. They enjoyed the process so much that they recently decided to
move our parsonage as well!

The parsonage at the Massena church, a modular home purchased in 1992, is a little small
and has never sat on a foundation. This fall, ground was broken and a foundation
poured. Then, the parsonage was moved onto the foundation (by the same man who moved
the church over a decade ago)!

Since then, work has been progressing on building rooms in the basement, hooking up
electricity, water, and sewer, and framing and enclosing the addition on the far end of
the building. Some of the men of the church greatly enjoyed spending the evening of
Veteran's Day (usually a vacation) placing trusses on walls to finish closing in the
addition. Now, a roof must be put on, and the addition will be weatherproofed before
winter arrives in earnest!

While construction is progressing, the Montgomery family is living in a duplex apartment
a couple of blocks away. Although they don't enjoy moving twice to come to Massena,
no doubt they will enjoy it when they can be at their home instead of temporary

Please pray as the work continues. The Massena church wants to see its outreach in the
community expanded, and also provide appropriate accommodations for the pastor and his

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