Pilgrim Holiness Church
of Fostoria, OH

John and Betty Case's
Visit - November 29, 2015

On November 29, 2015, started a journey of ministry to the wonderful people in Fostoria, OH at the Pilgrim Holiness Church of NY. We thank the Lord and Rev. John Peabody for this opportunity. It was so good to meet and worship with the people there especially those of the Lynch family. Our connection with this family began when we were the pastors at the Strattanville, PA church as on one Sunday morning there was a semi tractor in our parking lot and it was operated by a Bro. Lynch from Fostoria. He was a very conscientious Christian and not willing to drive his rig on the Lord's day and not willing to lie in his log book, so he would stop at the truck stop and spend the Lord's Day with us. After that original introduction, whenever he would stop there, I would go and pick this dear man up and he would spend the Lord's day with us. What precious memories. Now we had the privilege of preaching to 5 of his adult children and see the wonderful influence this quiet, unassuming, devout Christian man had on his family. 

While the congregation is very small, around 20 attending each service, nonetheless, they were great people to preach to. So each week at 6:30 am, I would make the journey of 3 hours to Fostoria, and if Betty was up in time she would go with me, preach in the morning service, have a lovely meal with one of the families, spend the afternoon in their lovely parsonage, preach in the night service and make my way back home, driving another 3 hours, but rewarded with the satisfaction of fellowship with some lovely people and grateful to God, Bro. Peabody and the church for the opportunity to minister. 

Last night it was with mixed feelings that Betty and I left the church for the last time. We left behind people without a shepherd, forever friends, and both of us felt like we did when we left one pastorate to go to another place of service. We prayed "Oh, Lord, send a pastor to these people who will love them, lead them and serve them with all their hearts." Who will go? Who will fill the void? Who will go as a loving servant of the Lord? 

We came home to prepare ourselves to serve in revivals and camp meetings but part of our hearts are left behind at the Fostoria Pilgrim Holiness Church.


Pilgrim Holiness Church, Fostoria, OH                   

Parsonage where we spent our Sundays for the last three months.
Reclining chairs were perfect for????

The Huskin children who won our hearts. He is sometimes the usher for the
church and when he ushers, he dresses up with suit, tie and the work.

Bro. and Sr. Dan Lynch who served us dinner several times having
the best fish dinner we have ever tasted.

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