At Conference time in 1970, Beverly Fay and Eileen Comfort met with the Conference Council and shared their burden for the American Natives in Canada. The Council agreed to help underwrite their missionary effort with the Society of Indian Missions giving the oversight and direction.

Bev and Eileen began at 399 Elgin Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba, in a large three-story house. There they took in ladies as tenants to help finance their efforts while ministering the Word of God through Bible studies and children s services. Eventually the Indian Metis Christian School was started with Bev as Principal and Eileen as Supervisor. The work continued to grow and a church was purchased. Rev, and Mrs. Lloyd Wokenfeld and family pastored the flock for a while. Then a native pastored the group for a short period. Bev moved on to pioneer a new work in Blind River with Ruth Smith in the late 80ís. Eileen stayed on at Winnipeg and served as office manager, treasurer, and school supervisor until her parentsí health failed. S.I.M. purchased another house across the street at 388 Elgin Ave., and the Mark Becker Family now heads up the Canadian efforts of S.I.M. among the American Natives. Rev. Jerry Slaughter and family pastor the church and work in the school.

In 1994 the church was burned. Alter much prayer and several attempts to buy a suitable property, the purchase of a former Legion Hall was finalized in early 1996 and was put in use in the spring as offices, school, sanctuary and multi-purpose area. This was made possible through the insurance settlement and gifts and donations besides the sacrificial efforts of the local congregation. Bro. Slaughter is in the process of making the church an indigenous church.

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