Rev. Andrew J. Whitney was elected New York District Superintendent at last Annual Conference held at the Victory Grove campground. From 1954 until his recent election as Superintendent, he had served as District Secretary.

He is a native of New York, having been born at Bainbridge. He was converted in 1936 and was sanctified two years later. From 1940 through 1943 he attended Allentown Bible Institute (now Eastern Pilgrim College).

Brother Whitney has had many years of experience as a pastor. He served Pilgrim Holiness churches at Toddsville and Cherry Valley, both in New York State; Green Grove, Pennsylvania; and Haverhill, Massachusetts. At Cherry Valley he was able to lead the people in the building of a new church and parsonage which were dedicated in 1947. Only last year the Haverhill Pilgrims, under Brother Whitney’s leadership, dedicated a lovely new place of worship.

May the blessing which accompanied his pastoral activities continue as he takes up his new responsibilities!

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