Vermontville Camp had its beginning when Methodist revivals swept through the area in the early 1900’s. Rev. Paul Hill conducted revival meetings in 1904 and later returned as pastor of the church.

The first campmeeting services were held in a tent in 1910 with Rev. Paul Hill and a Rev. Hamlin as evangelists. In the following years the evangelists were Rev. William Marsh, Rev. A. P. Gauthie, Rev. “Bud” Robinson, Rev. Preston Kennedy, Rev. Allie Wilson, Rev. David Wilson and Rev. Loren Wilson. These names were submitted by Octava Case who was the cook in 1918. Some stayed near the tent sleeping on pine boughs. The weather cooperated.

Those who lived at too great a distance to travel by horse and carriage (like Lake Placid) often came to camp by train. There was a depot about one and a quarter miles away.

The tent was used for perhaps ten years, then a tabernacle was built and later extended. That tabernacle fell beneath the heavy snows in 1959. The present tabernacle was designed and built under the direction of the District Superintendent, Rev. 0. L. Fay. Natural spruce benches and pulpit furniture were added in the mid-1980’s.

An adjoining parcel including the “prayer rock” was purchased in 1967 and dedicated in memory of Bro. Charles Reick. Other improvements include the building of rest rooms in 1970; the dining hall was enlarged in 1972 doubling its capacity; a motel unit for evangelists was added in the mid-1970’s with rest rooms added to each room in 1980; a prayer chapel was built by the Fay family and dedicated in memory of Rev. 0. L. Fay in 1979 (it was later redesigned to be used as a children’s tabernacle); and a book room and registrar’s office was built by the Kingston church and dedicated in Rev. Harold Berry’s memory in 1990; a sidewalk system was dedicated in 1994 in memory of Rev. Donald Hardy.

The camp meeting has been a blessing in particular to the nine churches in the Northern Zone of the Pilgrim Holiness Church of New York. Special visitations from on high have regularly graced the services and souls have found their needs met.

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