The Venus Pilgrim Holiness Church traces its beginnings to June 1975 when Rev, and Mrs. Lawrence Rowe felt led of God to move from New York State to the area of Venus, Pa. for the purpose of starting a church there. A church that had been closed for some years caught their attention and having located a person who had to do with the property, a bid was made for $4,000 and it was received.

This church which had formerly been a Methodist Church was purchased, minus the altar and pews which had been previously removed. The Franklin Pilgrim Holiness Church donated pews, an altar was constructed and various items were donated from several sources. The kitchen in the basement was dismantled and made into a Sunday School room.

Opening services were held on September 14, 1975 and the dedication service was October 12, 1975 at 3:00 p.m. Rev. Andrew J. Whitney officiated at the dedication. (The pews now in use at the church were donated by the Allegheny Wesleyan Church of Oak Grove, Pa.) On October 16, 1977 a mortgage burning ceremony was held with Rev. A. J. Whitney, Conference President officiating.

Rev, and Mrs. Rowe pastored here from 1975 to 1982, Rev, and Mrs. Tom Kiser - 1982 to 1989, Rev, and Mrs. Brian Spangler - 1989 to 1991, Rev, and Mrs. Paul Mullen - 1991 to 1995, Rev, and Mrs. Donald C. Myers - 1995 to present.

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