In 1929, God placed upon the hearts of Rev. C. P. Burkey, Rev. Wolfe and Mr. Oliver R. Wilson the need for a holiness church in our small community. They held their services in a rented store room which they later bought. About 10 years later, the building was remodeled to look like a church. Rev. Burkey continued as our pastor until 1943. During the pastorate of Rev. Evalene Walker on December 28, 1947 the church was organized as a Pilgrim Holiness Church with 17 members. In 1949 Rev. John W. Landrum became our pastor. Under his leadership the congregation outgrew the building. Rev. Landrum built a new building over the old one in such a way that we continued to worship in the old church during construction. Alter the new building was completed, he removed the original church. Other pastors included: Rev, and Mrs. Walter McMinic (Allegheny), Rev, and Mrs. David Greene, Rev, and Mrs. Dale Bair, Rev, and Mrs. George Shull, Rev, and Mrs. Daniel Gebman, Rev, and Mrs. Stearns (Allegheny), Rev, and Mrs. Dallas McKendree, Rev, and Mrs. James Hallenbeck, Rev, and Mrs. Raymond Ziegler.

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