In 1909 there were no holiness services held in the North Troy area. Three good Christian women felt that God wanted holiness services in North Troy. They knew about holiness and they wanted others also to know about and have the experience.

They held afternoon prayer meetings in one of their homes. They prayed through that this was God’s will, and an independent mission was started. Services were held every night and the preaching was well received; thus, many people sought and found God.

Services in the mission were continued for many years. There were a number of different preachers. Then they decided to join with the Pentecostal Rescue Mission.

In 1922 Rev. Augusta Engwer was sent to shepherd the flock. A new place of worship was needed as the present building had been condemned. Two houses were purchased, both being over 200 years old. One of these was made into a chapel and the other was remodeled for a parsonage. The men of the church did the work.

Sr. Engwer was the pastor until 1928. During her pastorate the church joined the International Holiness Association which later became the Pilgrim Holiness Church.

Rev. Jasper Hamm was our next pastor from 1928 to 1934.

Rev. Milton Pierpoint came in 1934 and served until 1944. The membership increased and we outgrew the small church. Bro. Pierpoint insisted that God wanted a larger church. It looked impossible as man saw it but we all prayed and God did not fail us. He heard out prayers. A neighbor of the Pierpoints (a Catholic lady) gave us two large lots; how we did praise God. This was in 1939. Under the supervision of Bro. Pierpoint, we obtained a mortgage. We hired one carpenter and his son, and with the men in our church donating their labors, our present church was built. The altar and platform furniture were hauled in from Canada. Mr. Catton, the father of a former member, very ably and beautifully hand-made and hand-carved the altar and all the platform furniture. The church was dedicated May 30, 1940 during a Ministerial Convention. Rev. Melvin Blann was our next pastor. Bro. Blann was a very faithful pastor, serving from 1944 to 1947.

Rev. Donald Babcock was our next pastor from 1947 to 1949. We greatly appreciated Bro. Babcock’s labors while here.

Rev. George Harris was our pastor from 1949 to 1953. During his pastorate, we secured our pews for the church. In 1950 our parsonage was built next to the church.

Rev. Henry Jones came as pastor in 1953. He served for two years.

Rev. Gary Boel came in 1955 and served for seven years. He was a very good pastor and we enjoyed his leadership. During this time an upright piano was given in loving memory of Charles Hazzard, February 19, 1957 by his wife Virgel, and daughters Shirley, Marilyn, and Darlene.

Rev. Emmett Meek came to us in 1962 and stayed until 1964. We enjoyed the Meeks very much as they were surely God’s servants.

Rev. Meredith Foster came to us in 1964. Bro. Foster was a good pastor and faithful to God’s cause. He served for four years.

Rev. Denzil Smith came to us in 1968. We thank God that he was directed to our church. He was a. faithful pastor and looked very much after his flock. He did much calling and was a great witness of God’s saving power wherever he went. At this time the Sunday School attendance was almost double of what it was a few years ago. February 1970, we burned our mortgage and are entirely free of debt on both the church and parsonage. The older people of the church greatly rejoiced along with our younger members. Thirty years of keeping our faith in God has proven to be a blessing. He has brought to pass great and mighty things.

Up to this time our church has given two pastors to our Conference: Rev. Francis Richmond, former pastor of our church in Tunkhannock, Pa., and Rev. Edward Shemelia of Muncie, Indiana. Also, Magdelene Blann was a missionary to Africa at one time.

Rev. Ray McCrary came in 1972. The church grew a lot under Bro. McCrary’s ministry. At this time our church was blessed with a lot of young people. One of the fondest memories recorded in their minds were those gracious Easter Sunrise services directed by Bro. McCrary. In 1973 Rowan Fay was a member in Troy Pilgrim Holiness Church. At the graveside of his father’s funeral, his call to preach was clinched and he went to East Worcester in July 1973. Bro. McCrary stayed until 1975. He left here to go into evangelistic work.

Rev. Marvin Blowers came in 1975 and ministered until 1977.

Rev. B. J. Ward was our next pastor. He was directed to our church in 1977 and pastored until 1980.

Rev. Earl Jordan followed Bro. Ward as our pastor. During this ministry Bro. Jordan, along with some help from the layman, paneled the platform. Rev. Jordan stayed until 1982.

Rev. Lawrence Rowe was the next pastor from 1982 to 1984. During this time there was a bus ministry started. Bro. Rowe was asked to visit a family from the Greenwich area and this family came for the first time on May 8,1982. It was a Revival service with Sr. Miller and Sr. MacFadgen. This family got saved and got their start in Troy. Their names are Rod and Cora Wells. Since this time they have pastored in our Conference and now in 1997 are presently serving on our Conference mission field in Brazil. They have served faithfully there for several years.

Rev. Terry Bickel served our church from 1984 until 1987.

Tim Yauger filled in for approximately six months.

Rev. Joseph Hunting came in 1988 and served faithfully until 1994. Bro. Hunting was a good pastor and while he was here he did a lot of work remodeling in the church and parsonage. New carpet in the sanctuary was donated by the Huntings.

Rev. John A. Peabody, Jr. came to pastor our church in July of 1994. God seems to impress upon us that he is not finished with our church yet. Presently our Sunday School averages about thirty.

As of February 1997, four out of the last six months we have had at least one Sunday a month with at least 50 for Sunday School. The month of November was 46 for a high. Since August 1996 we felt to have a combined Sunday School and children’s service on Sunday morning. We are still pleading for the salvation of the lost and the sanctification of the believer.

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