Milton Pierpoint is gone! A mighty preacher of the old-time gospel of full salvation has been called to his reward. He was a veteran of a thousand battles and a hero of a thousand victories. He has laid down his armor, finished his course with joy, and has entered into rest. While many mourn his departure here, many have welcomed him to mansions above and owned him as the human instrumentality of their eternal salvation.

In the year of 1897 at Lew Beach, NY, Milton was born. His parents moved to Binghamton and settled on Winding Way in 1916. Win. R. Pierpoint was a “shouting Free Methodist.”

As a young man in his twenties, proud and pleasure-seeking, he was confronted with his father’s prayers in the night hour, “0 God, save my boy Milt.” One Sunday evening, returning homeward alone, God spoke to him in overwhelming conviction so strongly that he felt paralyzed. He promised God then and there if He would arrange for his father to invite him to a Church service he would serve Him all the days of his life. The next night his father did ask him to go to church. We quote his own words: “On the way, I wanted dad to ask me why I was going to church, but he didn't. To break the silence I told him I was going to get religion, I wanted to get saved, I wanted the same kind of religion that he had. My daddy was an old jumping Free Methodist and he leaped about knee high, started praising God; tears were streaming down his face. I could hardly wait for the meeting. I don’t know one thing that preacher said. But when I did go to the altar, I was instructed to raise my hand, tell God I believe. Something struck me... Glory to God and the Lamb forever.”

Just prior to receiving God’s call into the ministry, Bro. Pierpoint was in direction of a small youth group. The society later grew, until at one point, a hall had to be rented. The services were often marked with the power and the presence of God.

God was dealing with him about entering the ministry. When the local pastor, C. P. Pridgen, requested him to fill his place during his absence, he went to the Lord in prayer, laying out his “fleece.” He asked the Lord if He was truly calling him into His work, would he give him one seeker at the close of the service. At the end of the meeting the altar was lined.

In 1929 he received his first appointment as a licensed preacher. His first pastorate was Fredonia, NY. His other pastorates included: 1930 to 1934 - Brushton, NY, 1934 to 1943 - North Troy, NY, 1943 to 1946 - Sayre, Pa., 1946 to 1963 — Binghamton, NY. The church and parsonage were built here in 1950. Bro. Pierpoint served also as the Assistant Superintendent for 14 years. In 1948 he was elected Superintendent but declined the office.

Brother Pierpoint was a man of strong convictions. He believed God with a mighty faith and relied wholly upon divine power to unctionize his ministry. He was not only successful as a pastor, but as an evangelist. He witnessed some great revivals. When he preached there was an earnestness and an unction that was uncommon.

The shouts of the old warrior, heard over and over again, will be lost to mortal ear, but not to immortal memory.

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