This church can be dated back to April 22, 1971, when Rev. J. L. Hunting from the Middleburg Pilgrim Holiness Church began holding weekly prayer meetings in a home in Saugerties, NY. By late summer of the same year, these prayer meetings were moved to the YMCA located in Kingston, NY. In the summer of 1972, a house was purchased on Route 209 in Stone Ridge, NY as a home missionary endeavor. Rev. J. L. Hunting became the first pastor and he pastored there until 1980.

In the fall of 1972 the small garage next door was converted into a chapel and the Sunday School classes were held in the parsonage. With a growing congregation, in October 1975 the foundation hole was dug for the new church in the lot adjoining the parsonage. Rev. Hunting, with the help of Delbert Hallenbeck and Sons and other volunteers, began work on the church. This structure was completed in November 1976 and was dedicated on August 19, 1977.

The succession of pastors has been: Rev. Joseph L. Hunting (1972 to 1980), Rev. Jude Park (1980 to 1985), Rev. Warren Babcock (1985 to 1993), and Rev. David Fuller (1993 to present).

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