The Scotts Patent Pilgrim Holiness Church was started by a small group of people meeting in each other’s homes for services. One of the first men to preach for this group was Rev. Darius Philips, who came once a month with these folk for a service in the “Scotts Patent Meeting House,” as it was often called in those days. This building had been closed for some time and had reverted to the farm of James and Dora Kline.

On November 24, 1923 the Pilgrim Holiness Church was organized with 13 members in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Bevins, with District Superintendent A. H. Wilson officiating. On February 15, 1924 the newly organized church purchased the “Meeting House” from the Klines for the sum of $600, Mr. Leonard Bevins giving $200 for the down payment. The following April found their first regular pastor, Rev. George M. Sellers, on duty.

This church is an interesting landmark, being one of the oldest churches standing in Schoharie County, New York.

In the past 25 years, Scotts Patent Church has had a dropped ceiling installed, the front wall paneled, and the back wall padded to improve acoustics.

A children’s meeting was instituted and attended faithfully by two little children from the area. Other children attended at times, but these two little soldiers rarely missed a service for years.

The church has touched many lives, those from the area and also from greater distances, as far away as New Jersey. It has also called many from different walks of life and religious persuasion. The service being in an afternoon time frame brings extra ones also. Although the attendance is not large today; the church remains a “Lighthouse on a Hill.”

The pastor is shared with the Grand Gorge Pilgrim Holiness Church. Scotts Patent has been favored with such fine pastors and their families as follows: Rev, and Mrs. Armel Eads — 12 years; Rev, and Mrs. John Sherman — 15 years; Rev, and Mrs. Emmett Wakefield - 5 years. Each contributed a good part in the growth of the church.

The church is now being pastored by Rev, and Mrs. Larry Major. Their interest and love for the church causes one to feel great things are still in store for the Scotts Patent church.

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