Revival Services have often brought about many changes. It was so in 1930, when Chester Van Brocklin and wife came to a union church (consisting of Baptist, Nazarene, and Methodist). In Pierrepont Manor, NY during this meeting holiness was preached with a number obtaining this second work of grace. There were also those who opposed the ministry of the Holy Spirit through His servants. Thus a small nucleus of people began holding prayer meetings in homes until nearly every home was visited in Pierrepont Manor.

A tent meeting was held on the Bert Steele residence in the summer, and from this 10 or 12 families rented a building for services. In the early 1940ís a tabernacle type of church was built and a camp meeting was held with Rev. Erwin Brown from the Standard Church and the Rickenbach brothers. This tabernacle, with a sawdust floor, was used until the spring of 1948, when Rev. Levi Troyer came because of the illness of Chester Van Brocklin. This building was replaced with the present church by fall, with the people laboring under the leadership of the Troyers. In December of this year, after the Troyers had assumed responsibilities elsewhere, Bro. Van Brocklin passed away after a lingering illness. Sister Van Brocklin carried this work for a number of years until Rev. William Wood from the Standard Church came as a pastor in 1954. He pastored for three years after which Harriet Harp, a returned missionary from Egypt with Evangelistic Faith Missions, assumed the leadership and pastorate. In 1963 the Troyers returned to pastor until 1967.

It was at this time that Rev. Milton Pierrpoint drove many miles to fill the pulpit of the church at Pierrepont Manor. During the spring months of 1967, the people felt the necessity of becoming a member of a denomination, and on April 7, 1967 the church became an affiliate member with the Pilgrim Holiness Church of New York, Inc.

In July of 1967 Rev. William Saxton became the pastor. Two years later the church was received into the Conference. A new addition with four Sunday School rooms and a pastorís study was built. The Lord has blessed and helped over the years. To God belongs all the glory.

After the labors of William Saxton ended, Warren Babcock became the pastor. During his labors at Pierrepont Manor, the work grew to such proportions as to need a new and larger building to worship in. This task was taken on by the people of the congregation and they were able to build a church that is nice to behold, could accommodate the crowd, and have place for a school if it were needed. The church is great and they worshipped in this new building ever since. Bro. Babcock sewed the church for many years and then moved on.

Next to come to Pierrepont Manor was Wesley Hunting who sewed for a couple of years. Edward Lecates came to pastor next followed by Randy Neville. Each of these men have done their best in promoting the work of the Lord in this cold and windy town. At the time of the writing the addition to the history, Raymond Zeigler is pastoring.

May God add to this church many of those who have drifted away and many who would be new to this place of worship. Oh Lord, grant us power to bring people to JESUS.

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