In the summer of 1932, in an open field near the railroad tracks in Peebles, Oh., Rev. E. P. Qualls held an old fashioned tent meeting. During this meeting God began to deal with a number of sinners, which resulted in quite a few being converted. As the days turned into weeks, six to be exact, a great interest in starting a conservative church was spurred. Some local saints and a few of the newly converted enlisted the services of Rev. Alonzo Hill and they started a church in the upstairs of the Kroger building on Main St. in Peebles. They worshipped at this location for nearly nine years before moving up the street to a downstairs facility. That building was sold in 1946 and the congregation moved their services to the home of Mrs. Donna Williams until 1948 when they built a new church, where the worship services continue today. There have been quite a few good Godly men who have filled the pulpit since the church began with the overall number of pastors at 19 or 20. In 1969 Rev. Andrew Whitney and Rev. Donald Hardy from the Pilgrim Holiness Church of New York met with the church at Peebles. The congregation voted to affiliate with the Pilgrims of New York at that meeting. In July 1971 the Conference Council recommended to the Conference that Peebles become a full member of the Conference. The recommendation was unanimously received. The present pastor is Kelly Copeland who is a local product who has had ties with the church and its congregations since his childhood. In the last year and a half many improvements have been made to our church, including a new ceiling, new carpet, much needed new windows as well as major improvements in the basement which is used for Sunday School classes. These improvements make for a nice comfortable place to worship, but the most exciting aspect about our church is that people are in unity and developing their own ministries in prayer, card writing, and other little areas that are very important and God is rewarding the efforts as we have had many people get saved with eight different ones sticking to their commitment and growing in the grace of God. Our youth group has steadily been growing from zero when we started to anywhere from 10 to 15 in our worship services and as high as 30 to 40 in Sunday School and special events. We believe that nothing is impossible with God and we rely upon His promises that He still want His house to be filled (Luke 14:23). To Him we give all the glory and credit and it is our fervent desire that the Peebles Pilgrim Holiness Church would be a lighthouse in a dark and hurting world.

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