Rev. John Musser was pastoring a home missions church in Fairborn, OH. when he felt Godís call to NY. The church in Ohio was growing and doing well. Bro. Musser also had a remodeling business which was doing very well. He really had no desire to go anywhere.

During the Binghamton Camp of 1994, Bro. Musser met with Rev. David Bubb, Home Missions Coordinator, in regards to opening a work in Oxford, NY. As it turned out, the Conference was looking at the possibility of opening home missions work somewhere.

The home missions work in Oxford, NY had its first service on November 7, 1994. Rev. John Musser and his family along with Rev, and Mrs. Donald Myers were present. We had one other lady that would have been there, but she had to work that day.

The work was started in a store front on S. Canal St. The home missions department paid the pastorís salary and the building rent. As the Lord blessed and finances improved, the church took over the pastor support in January 1997. Because S. Canal St. is part of Rt. 12, we have had some competition from street noise. Also off and on there have been renters up above us, which created noise problems at times.

For special services we've had as many as 31 present. The average attendance for Sunday morning services at this time is 14.

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