A group of North Gower area individuals met with Bro. Bubb at Vermontville Camp in 1983 and then started to attend the Ogdensburg Pilgrim Holiness Church, of which Bro. Bubb was the pastor, in the summer of 1983. In October, with the encouragement of Sr. MacFadgen, Bro. Bubb started mid-week services in the homes of the North Gower people. The Lord then led them to start a full-time work.

Five-plus acres, in a prime location, were purchased for 28,500 dollars. On June 19, 1984 a ground-breaking service and organizing meeting took place. Rev. A. J. Whitney, Rev. L. Lum, and Rev. Bobbie Bidwell were present for these events.

All permits were granted in spite of the opposition presented. A new highway going through supplied the needed fill at no cost. Footings for the house-church complex were dug on August 6, 1984. A local contractor framed the house while the church men with help from men of sister Pilgrim Holiness churches framed the church. The only other major jobs in which labor was paid, were the drywall and masonry work.

With the Lordís help Bro. Bubbís family moved into the parsonage on October 23rd and we held our first service in the church on November 25th.

The property was dedicated in a service on Friday evening, January 11, 1985. At this time there was a debt of $128,000.

The following have been our pastors: Rev. David Bubb - 1984 to 1988; Rev. Lloyd Wolkenfeld - 1988 to 1990; Rev. Terry Newman - 1990 to 1996; Rev. James Hallenbeck as our acting pastor - 1996 to present.

Mrs. Kenneth Goth and Mr. and Mrs. Rex Wilson have gone on to their eternal reward. Presently, Kelly (Wilson) Harvey and her husband are preparing for the ministry at Godís Bible School. Juanita Wilson, another one of our girls, is working on the staff at Godís Bible School.

Through our bus ministry and Christian Day School the Lord has allowed us to touch many lives and give them the opportunity to make their own choice as to whom they will serve.

We thank God for His goodness, trust Him even though we donít always understand, and intend to follow His leadings. We have found Him faithful!

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