It was the year 1957, Carlos and Marguerite Buckley had just moved into Nevada Their desire was to see a Holiness church in this community for the purpose of spreading the gospel. After searching for a building they finally settled for an old chicken hatchery directly across the street from their residence. That same year, along with a few other people they held a tent meeting with Rev. Billy Bowman as the evangelist. Through the efforts of this first endeavor the Nevada church was born.

The first few years were typical of a new church, it had the hard times with the good times. Rev. Blinn was the first pastor followed by Rev. Yates and Rev. Brewbaker who agreed to temporarily fill in until Rev. Harry Ferguson came in 1960 and ministered until going to be with Jesus in 1970. It was under his ministry that the church joined the Pilgrim Holiness Church of New York. Upon arrival home from his first trip to New York he informed Sr. Ferguson, as well as many others, that he found a gold mine in those “Pilgrim Preachers” from New York.

Next, Rev. J. D. Webb filled in until his son, Rev. Orlow Webb came to pastor. In 1972-73 he built the new sanctuary and remodeled the old sanctuary into Sunday school rooms. Under his ministry the church reached a record 108. Rev. Loyd Campbell followed for four years, after which Rev. Orlow Webb returned to pastor another four years.

Rev. Joseph Winkler came in 1983 and stayed until 1992 when Rev. Brian Spangler, our current pastor came. It was during Rev. Winkler’s ministry that the current parsonage was purchased. There have been many property improvements in the last several years and we thank God the property is debt free. We also thank God for helping us see an increase in attendance for the last 21 months.

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