Back in the 1930ís the idea for a Holiness Church in Williams Valley was conceived in the minds of two coal miners, Mr. Leo Oxenrider and Mr. John W. Miller. They worked side by side in the coal mines in this valley. A group formed and held services in numerous places in the valley until they settled in the basement in the home of Mr. Leo Oxenrider. Mr. Oxenrider donated a plot of land beside his home and construction started, by the group, to build a church. Rev. George Duell, a friend of Mr. Oxenrider, helped establish a church group. In 1938 the church, being completed, was united with the Pilgrim Holiness Church of the Penn-Jersey District through the direction of Rev. R. G. Flexon. Rev. George Duell was the first pastor. There were seven charter members in the church with a congregation of more than 50. Godís presence was on the church and still is today even though the congregation has dwindled extremely.

When the merger with the Wesleyan Methodist took effect we remained with the merger until 1972, at which time we purchased our church from the Conference for the sum of $2,000. We joined the Pilgrim Holiness Church of New York in 1976, while Rev. Dorothy Straight was pastor.

In recent years we have constructed a parsonage in the basement of the church and built rooms for an A. C. E. school in the upstairs of the church. These rooms are also used for Sunday School.

Some of the pastors of the church: Rev. George Duell, Rev. Lindy Adams, Rev. Andrews, Rev. James Flexon, Rev. Lester Zehner, Rev. Robert Seelig, Rev. Ray Chamberlain, Jr., Rev. Vernon Price, Rev. James Davis, Rev. James Brewer, Rev. Winston Hallet, Rev. Glenn Elsey, Jr., Rev. William Hower, Rev. Dorothy Straight, Rev. Dorothy Bixler, Rev. John Peabody. The church is still open, with only fill-ins as pastor

The fire still burns in the hearts of the faithful, as the folk in Muir look and wait for His coming!

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