The Pilgrim Holiness Church of Middleburg had its beginning in the Brooky Hollow house in the year 1907. There were four families, namely: the Frasier Becker family, the Jerry Bradt family, the Elwin Posson family, and the Lewis Posson family. They began to meet together for regular worship, having grown dissatisfied with the liberalism of the church which they had been attending. In 1908, a pastor by the name of the Rev. S. Simmons was called to shepherd the little flock of believers. God began to answer prayer and move across Cotton Hill with revival fires which resulted in several new converts being added to the number. During the same year the Brooky Hollow Church was built and organized with ten members as a part of the Pentecostal Rescue Mission.

Here is a testimony from the Rev. L. W. Ward, M. E. pastor at Huntersland: “The fire is burning in Huntersland at last, all glory to Jesus forever. Just one week ago tonight Rev. Preston Kennedy, with four of his mission workers began the battle here, and God has honored every service. Last night there were real shouts in the camp when one of the four young people at the altar prayed through. The tide is running high.” It was in this meeting that Augusta Bradt was saved. (Reported in the N. F.H. October 1, 1907.)

Another testimony from the Rev. L. W. Ward: ‘We are glad to report victory in Jesus name at Cotton Hill, an out appointment of the Huntersiand M. E. Church. Bro. James Hamlette, Sr. Hamlette, Sr. Carrie Sheip, and Belle Bradt have been assisting the pastor, and God has been leading on to victory. There are shouts in the camp. Many seekers have prayed through.

The church in Brooky Hollow continued at its first location until 1934. In 1933 a lot was purchased in Middleburg, and in 1934 the church building was moved from Brooky Hollow and erected on Clauverwie Street. At this time there was consummated a union between the Brooky Hollow Church and the Keyser Kill Church which had been holding services since 1906. These two Pentecostal Rescue Missions united to become the Pilgrim Holiness Church of Middleburg with a charter membership of 12.

The Rev. Gary Boel became the first pastor of the Middleburg Church and served the church for three years. He was followed by the Revs. Jay Dillenbeck, Cohn Grassie, Alien Gilmour, W. E. Shaltenbrand, B. B. Bidwell, Joseph L. Hunting, John Case, Leonard Lum, and Allan Hunt. Richard Owens is the present pastor.

In the spring of 1983, ground was broken for a new church on a recently purchased lot on Route 145 north of town. After prayerful consideration, the old church on Clauverwie Street in the village was sold. Under the able leadership and craftsmanship of the Rev. Leonard Lum, our beautiful sanctuary was completed and dedicated, debt-free, on September 29, 1985.

The church voted in June 1990 to build a new parsonage adjacent to the new church. Work on the basement began in November 1990; the old parsonage on Grove Street was sold in December of that year, and our pre-built modular building was delivered and set up in January 1991. The first mortgage payment was made in February 1991 and, by the grace of God, the church made the final payment in December 1993. Conference President Donald M. Myers officiated at the mortgage burning on January 16, 1994.

God has given us a rich, spiritual heritage and we are determined, by His grace, to be victorious.

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