In 1979 Rev. Lee Carroll and the Board of Mountain Faith Missions of Haiti offered their work in Haiti to the Pilgrim Holiness Church of NY, Inc. At the 1980 Conference this responsibility was accepted along with the properties, vehicle, etc. Rev, and Mrs. Robert Vermylea were our missionaries and also supervised the work of FEA in Grand Riveria. The Saxtons went to Haiti in 1983 and a year later the Dan Irvine family joined them. The Saxtons lived in Saut d’Eau and the Irvines lived on the Mireabalais compound. Bro. Irvine supervised the schools and the Mireabalais district while Bro. Saxton was Field Superintendent and headed up the training of the pastors, the government and foreign aid projects, and the general oversight.

Haiti has been the site of political upheaval for many years. This has resulted in our not having a resident missionary on the field for about six years. In January 1995, the Saxtons returned to Haiti. In the interim period of their absence, the work was very capably led by National Director, Pastor Jean Robert Louis. A spirit of revival prevails among our churches. A camp meeting during late July and early August each year has grown to an attendance of a total of 7,500.

During the Saxtons’ last year on the field, two new churches were built. The Evelyn M. Whitney Memorial Church at Domond is our nicest church structure. We have the Gatone Memorial Church in Crocchi, the Richmond Memorial Church and some other churches that have been constructed through the donations of Grover Bennett, Nevada, Peebles PHC, and others. We have about 25 churches, 11 schools, one high school, two compounds, 2,000 members, 2,000 school students, 35 pastors, 35 teachers, and several laborers.

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