On April 27, 1941, a Pilgrim Holiness Church was organized in Nicholson, Pa. with 18 charter members. Rev. C. W. Distler (1941 to 1943) was the church’s first pastor. Rev. Frank Nason (1943 to 1944) was the second. During the first few years of existence, the congregation of the newly formed church met in various locations. In the fall of 1943, the members voted to build a small church of their own next to the Green Grove schoolhouse on land donated by the Price family. The oversight for building the church was placed in the hands of Nelson Marcy. The finished structure was dedicated to the Lord’s service in the summer of 1945 and was named the Green Grove Pilgrim Holiness Church, taking its name from the schoolhouse nearby. Rev. G. Lindley Adams (1944 to 1949) was the pastor at that time.

The adjoining property and the Green Grove schoolhouse were purchased in the fall of 1947 and remodeled into a comfortable parsonage by Nelson Marcy. Electrical service was installed in the summer of 1949 with Rev, and Mrs. A. J. Whitney (1949 to 1958) being the first occupants of the schoolhouse turned parsonage. Under Rev. Whitney’s leadership, the original church building was extended eight feet providing what is now the pulpit and platform area. This addition gave much needed space for the growing congregation. The Revs. Virginia Miller and Ethel MacFadgen (1958 to 1959) were pastors when the indoor rest rooms were built in the basement of the church. Another addition was completed under the leadership of Rev. J.L. Hunting (1959 to 1961). This second addition lengthened the sanctuary by adding twelve feet to the length of the building. Also added was a new entrance, a bell tower, and a new stairway to the basement.

Rev. and Mrs. Billie Bidwell were the next pastors, serving from 1961 to 1967. From 1967 to 1969 Rev. Lonnie Dunn and wife were pastors and the following year brought Rev. and Mrs. Herbert Walker (1969 to 1970).

Rev, and Mrs. Philip Estes pastored from 1970 to 1973. A new well serving both church and parsonage was drilled at this time (1972). In 1973, Rev, and Mrs. D. J. Hardy came as a “fill-in” and were still faithfully pastoring the church when God called Rev. Hardy home on September 25, 1978. After Rev. Hardy’s death, Rev. Paul and Nancy Gray moved into the parsonage to help the sorrowing congregation for about three months.

In 1979, the Rev. Joseph Winkler family moved here to assume leadership as pastor and remained until 1983, when Rev. and Mrs. D. M. Myers came to pastor. Rev, and Mrs. Myers remained until 1989 when Rev, and Mrs. J. F. Sherman and son Aaron took up residence in the parsonage. Rev. and Mrs. Sherman have been with us for eight years.

In 1995 the members voted to build a new addition with carport entrance, disabled access, rest rooms, and new Sunday school rooms. This addition has been in use since the spring of 1996. The following year (1997) a brass bell was installed in the bell tower in memory of Merle J. Ransom and Stella B. Ransom.

The congregation of the Green Grove Church is a blessed congregation. Blessed with the presence of God, blessed with the hope of the gospel, blessed with the vision, sacrifice and prayers of its founders, blessed with three charter members still living (Marion Bodine, George and Eva Price), and blessed with a growing number of dedicated sacrificial Christians who are reaching out to a needy world with the glorious message of hope in Jesus Christ.

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