The Glen Iron Pilgrim Holiness Church traces its beginning to tent meetings held in Glen Iron and Laurelton, Pa. in 1918 by the Rev. Jordan E. Wolfe. The first congregation started out with five little girls. By the end of the tent meeting the attendance had grown to sixty people. On the last Sunday, eleven people were baptized in Penns Creek while several hundred people witnessed the scene.

On October 12, 1918 a band of thirty members organized a church in the home of Irvin Shively. The group was known as the Apostolic Holiness Church and worshipped in homes until a church building was erected. The first pastor was Rev. Francis Lishman.

In 1919 ground was purchased for $41 and a church building was purchased at Rising Springs for $375. It was completely taken apart and shipped to the Glen Iron area and work was begun in rebuilding the church. On June 5,1921, the church was dedicated.

The name of the organization was changed to the International Holiness Church in 1920, but in 1922 the name was changed to the Pilgrim Holiness Church. In 1968 the Pilgrim Holiness and Wesleyan Methodist churches merged and the name was changed to the Glen Iron Wesleyan Church. In 1976 the Glen Iron Wesleyan Church was accepted into the Pilgrim Holiness Church of the New York Conference and became the Glen Iron Pilgrim Holiness Church.

An addition of Sunday School rooms was added in 1976. New pews and carpet were installed in 1983. In 1986 a new ceiling was put in the sanctuary. In 1996 a new roof was put on the church and the vestibule was enlarged.

Pastoral changes: Rev. Francis Lishman 1918 to 1920; Rev. Joseph Deihl 1920 to 1922; Rev. Robert Heckart 1922 to 1925; Rev. Chandler Walk - 1926; Rev. Clarence Kresge - 1926 to 1930; Rev. Pearl (Hoover) Lutz - 1930 to 1932; Rev. Russel Lutz - 1932 to 1933; Rev. Ralph Davie - 1933 to 1936; Rev. Alex Passmore - 1936 to 1941; Rev. Leonard Leitzel -1941 to 1943; Rev. W. C. Bradley - 1943 to 1944; Rev. Lester Zehner - 1945 to 1950; Rev. Allwin Walls - 1950 to 1952; Rev. Marlin Ham - 1952 to 1962; Rev. Edwin Mayes - 1963 to 1967; Rev. Curtis Blimline - 1967 to 1970; Rev. John Coppock -1971 to 1972; Rev. Garry Sutley 1973 to 1981; Rev. Paul Sickler 1981 to present.

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