On October 13, 1938 the District Superintendent Robert H. Heckert met the people, after a tent meeting held by Rev. G. H. Shull. Rev. Heckert called the meeting to order for the purpose of organizing a Pilgrim Holiness Church at Geneva, Pa.

Rev. G. H. Shull was the first pastor for six years and was pastor when the church was built. The land was donated by Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Bailey.

Since that time there have been a number of pastors. At one time they had no pastor and had different pastors fill in for one year. Then later on when they had no pastor they had Margaret Slozat fill in for a few years. Following is a list of other pastors who have served and labored here. No records are here of complete history or the time some of these pastors served.

Rev. F. B. Grey - 1944 to 1949; Rev. R. V. Wallace; Rev. Floyd Fehr; Rev. John Landrum; Rev. George Harvey; Rev. Wilbur Vanderwort; Rev. James Reed; Rev. Marvin VanCise; Rev. Raymond Zeigler; Rev. Fred Hinderliter; Rev. Roderick Wells; Rev. Lawrence Rowe - 1990 to present.

In 1991 it was decided by the Board to remove the old vestibule and add a much larger addition which was made up of a much larger vestibule, a large Sunday School room, and two large restrooms. Many other things have been done including all new windows, vinyl siding, new furnace, different pews, sanctuary carpeted, a new speaker system, lighted signboard. The basement has also been remodeled with three Sunday School rooms and a hallway. A new wall was put in the back side of the basement with an entrance way built on.

The parsonage has also had much work done inside by remodeling most of the rooms, and a bathroom was installed upstairs. A new furnace, new windows, and vinyl siding were added, with a number of other things done.

Most of all we praise God for His presence and for all of our new converts born into the family of God and taking the way of holiness. At the present time the church is debt free, as God has supplied each time a new project has been undertaken.

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