On June 28, 1936, through the invitation of Harry Lewis, a deacon of the Calvary Baptist Church of Fultonville, a service was conducted by Rev. Floyd Lepper, a lay preacher of the Amsterdam Pilgrim Holiness Church. This was the beginning of the Pilgrim Holiness Mission that was later organized with 13 members. We recall some of the ones who have gone on to their reward: Alice Bolster; Mrs. Scott; Mrs. Quackenbush; Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Fonda; Mr. and Mrs. Winfield Fonda; Mrs. Cora Collins and daughter, Margaret; Mrs. Edwin Case; Mrs. Mildred Lepper, Rev. Lepper’s first wife.

The church building was bought for $1,700, and on June 5,1939, the Pilgrim Holiness Church was organized by Rev. A. H. Wilson and Rev. H. J. Olsen with a membership of 25. Of these, there are four members still with us — Mrs. Juanita Lepper, Frank and Agnes Case and Edwin B. Case. “Gramps” Case has been confined to the Canajoharie Nursing Home and is waiting for his Master’s call. He was 87 on June 24th.

The church was dedicated December 3, 1939, and incorporated on May 23, 1940. The church debt was paid off and the mortgage burned on November 25, 1945.

Rev. Lepper pastored the church until his death, January 4, 1954. For the next eight years Rev. A. M. Eads was pastor. Pastors following him were: Rev. Hostetter, Rev. Arnold Lockwood, Rev. Emmett Meek, Rev. Paul Case and Rev. Fred Hinderliter. Because of poor health, Bro. Hinderliter resigned after pastoring the church since 1966.

Rev. and Mrs. Winston Hallett pastored here from August of 1970 until 1981. Following them, Rev, and Mrs. James R. Lukens came to pastor and remained until 1985. In 1985 Rev. and Mrs. Paul D. Hornberger came and remained until 1987. Rev. and Mrs. Jude Park were our pastors for one year until 1988. In 1988 Rev, and Mrs. David Howell came to pastor and remained until 1992. While they were in charge of the flock, numerous repairs and improvements were made to both church and parsonage, but the attendance kept declining. ‘When their tenure ended, the Fultonville Church closed and has not functioned since 1992.

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