The Pilgrim Holiness Church of Franklin, Pa. had its beginning in a Mission hall on Thirteenth Street in Franklin in 1945, under the ministry of the late Rev. James Carder of Ohio. It was called “The Pilgrim Mission” until 1947 when it was organized as a Pilgrim Holiness Church under the leadership of Rev. L. W. Drury of the Pittsburgh District. In the spring of 1948 two lots were purchased at 925 Rocky Grove Ave. and a parsonage was constructed there. Rev. Carder and family moved into the new parsonage in 1949. Church services were then held in the basement of the parsonage for almost two years.

In 1950 the men of the church, along with the Pastor tore down a Methodist Church at East Brady, Pa. and used the lumber to build a church next door to the parsonage.

The church was finished and dedicated in July 1952. Rev. L. W. Drury, District Superintendent of the Pittsburgh District of the Pilgrim Holiness Church, dedicated the building.

Shortly after the dedication, Rev. Carder resigned as pastor and Rev. George Bowen of Allentown, Pa. accepted the pastorate. He served the church two years.

Rev. Charles Ferringer then became pastor in 1954. On December 8, 1957 he was suddenly stricken ill and was called to his Heavenly home.

In March 1958 the church extended a call to Rev. Andrew Slozat. He accepted and is the present pastor. Under his leadership the church has been completely renovated on the inside; two lots bought and cleared for a parking lot; a car-port — added; and a new addition to the front of the church. Many changes were made to the parsonage as well.

The church unanimously voted to withdraw from the Pilgrim Holiness Church on April 19, 1967 and joined the Pilgrim Holiness Church of New York on April 21, 1967 at a meeting in William Baker’s home in nearby Cooperstown, Pa.

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