In the summer of 1949 Rev. 0. L. Fay and Rev. A. E. Blann met in the home of Mrs. Mae Lum and family for a Friday night prayer meeting. These prayer meetings were conducted throughout the winter with Rev. A. E. Blann conducting them. Over thirty different homes opened their doors for the services and souls sought salvation.

In October 1949, the former dance hall in East Worcester was rented from Anton Paulin with the privilege of purchasing it later. A three week revival was held beginning in October with Rev. A. E. Blann, Rev. Philip Doyle, Rev. Donald Babcock, and Rev. 0. L. Fay bringing the messages. During these three weeks, Bro. and Sr. Russell Davis of Grand Gorge were the musicians. Sunday services were conducted throughout the winter with fill-in preachers. The Schaltenbrands from Middleburg, a trio of men from the Albany church and some from Allentown Bible Institute helped bring the messages. In March 1950 the hall was purchased for $2,800. In June 1950 the first pastor, Rev, and Mrs. Lloyd Stuart and son Paul moved from Allentown to the apartment rented in the Martice home for $25 a month. Approximately 10 joined the church at the organizational meeting. Attendance was very good with the record attendance of 132. Carloads were brought in from surrounding areas. In 1953 Rev. Stuart started Sunday afternoon services in the Maryland church. A revival was held with Rev. Kenneth Masterman. A group of young people helped teach DVBS in Maryland.

Rev. Lloyd Stuart did extensive redecorating, putting in a new entrance, some partitions, a platform, altar, painting and installing a furnace. The dedication service for the church was June 1, 1952 with Rev. 0. L. Fay our Conference President. More members were received into fellowship. The Stuarts left after four years of ministry.

Rev. and Mrs. Kendall Straight, Kendall III and Marilyn moved from Lake Placid and came to pastor in 1954. During his pastorate, the floor was sanded and refinished. A different furnace was installed with new heat ducts. A portion of land behind the church was sold for $500. The final payment on the church was July 23, 1956. Parsonage rent was raised to $40 per month including heat. The Straights left in July 1957.

Rev, and Mrs. George Lamb moved to East Worcester from Johnstown in 1957. During his ministry the church was resided on one side. His labors were ended in February 1959 due to his death.

The Council placed Rev, and Mrs. Daniel Shumway from Schenectady as pastor in March 1959 and they were voted in at the annual meeting. A number of children attended DVBS. The interior of the church was repainted. Evan Shumway was born in December 1960. The Shumways left in 1962. A parsonage was purchased for $6,000.

Rev, and Mrs. Haskell Burch, David, Philip, and Regenia moved from God’s Bible School to take over the pastorate in July 1962. For many weeks personal evangelism was carried on by meeting at the parsonage for prayer and then contacting different homes. A canvas of Richmondville was made to find some hungry hearts. Many families appreciated the interest. A garage was built by the parsonage. The Burches left in August 1965.

In September 1965 Rev, and Mrs. Saxton came from Salem Bible School While here the seats were refinished. The exterior on the front of the church was painted, and a new sign was erected. The parsonage was redecorated. The Saxtons left in June 1967.

Rev, and Mrs. John Trussell and son moved into the parsonage in July 1967. In January 1968 God blessed their home with a girl, Aremina Mae. While they were here much work was done on the parsonage and garage. The Trussells moved in July 1972.

After many days of prayer and consideration, plans for a new church were developed.

On Sunday, October 13, 1968 at 3 p.m. with 42 people present, we had our ground breaking service. Rev. Donald Hardy brought the message on “Why a New Church?” Truly the presence of the Lord put His seal and approval on our efforts. After many days of hard labor and long hours of bulldozing, with Rev. Hardy helping the men of our local congregation, we were ready to start the footings and the wall. Rev. L. Lum end Bro. Bill Dettrner helped our church men lay blocks.

Bro. Delbert Hallenback and his men along with Bro. Bob Trussell helped us get the frame work and the roof of the church done. Other pastors of the church have been: Rev. Rowan Fay - July 1972 to July 1978; Rev. Gary Mills — July 1978 to July 1986; Rev. Lawrence Rowe - July 1986 to July 1990; Rev. Steven Mills - July 1990 to July 1992; Rev. B. J. Ward - July 1992 to July 1993; Rev. Warren Babcock - July 1993 to present.

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