The Camden Pilgrim Holiness Church began as an afternoon Sunday School in the home of Sr. Dorothy White. In 1961 Bro. Daniel Shumway became pastor of this young flock. They began holding services in a rented Free Methodist church in the Village of Camden. Then in the year 1967 under the direction of Rev. Daniel Shumway the growing flock bought a former school house building located just out of the village, that is still the present location, and turned it into a church.

In 1967 Rev. James Sherman became pastor and immediately a new parsonage was built on the property. Then in 1974 the church was added on to in order to double its seating capacity.

In 1978 Rev. W. F. McCulley took up the pastorate of the Camden congregation. It was from this pastorate on August 13, 1979, that Bro. McCulley went home to be with the Lord. After his death, a number of men filled the pulpit from Sunday to Sunday. Among them were Rev. Harold Berry and Wesley Holden.

In 1980 Rev. Wesley Holden accepted the pastorate and during his charge, the church basement was completely remodeled.

In 1985 Rev. Daniel Heckman came to Camden as pastor and pastored the flock for three years.

In 1988 Rev, David Bubb moved to Camden as pastor and has pastored the growing flock to the present time.

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