In the year of 1919 Rev. David Wilson conducted a revival meeting in the East Dickenson Christian Church. Returning the following year as evangelist for the second time, he found the minister had locked the church doors and refused to open them for the revival services. Bro. Wilson preached in a nearby house, and following the good meeting the house was purchased, partition removed, and services continued with Rev. Wilson as pastor until 1922. He was assisted by his wife, Ethel, whenever he was away in evangelistic work.

In one of Rev. Wilson’s revival meetings in East Dickenson Rev. 0. W. Lawrence was converted. He was later called to pastor and built the present church building, Incidentally, Rev. J. C. Long preached in a tent meeting in this area during this period.

A church for the Pentecostal Rescue Mission was organized in 1921 with nine charter members: Frank Whitman, Bert and Effie Whitman, Charles and Delilah Reid, Guy and Maude Orton, Ray Saxton, and Mrs. Horace Lincoln. All are now deceased.

Ray Saxton, grandfather of Rev. William Saxton, was converted during one of the aforementioned revivals. Fred Foster, grandfather of Rev. Meredith Foster, was saved in a cottage prayer meeting and soon joined the other members as did Elmer and Lottie Beaney who moved from Lake Placid.

In 1922 Rev. Jasper Hamm accepted a call to pastor upon the resignation of Rev. Wilson to resume full-time evangelistic work. Rev. Hamm, in addition to the pastoral work in East Dickenson, conducted services in a vacant store in Brushton where Rev. Alvin Young preached in a revival meeting. During this time the present parsonage property was purchased from Asa Woods: the first floor served as church and the second floor the parsonage.

Rev. Hamm left in 1927 after five years, to be succeeded by Rev. Harry Felter, who later served as a general evangelist in the church of the Nazarene. About this time Mr. Elmer Wilson and Miss Grace Plumb who both resided in North Bangor called Rev. J. C. Vanoss and Rev. A. H. Wilson to hold revival services in the North Bangor Grange Hall.

In 1930 Rev. Milton Pierpoint assumed the duties of the work. It was in the Brushton parsonage that Rev. Paul Pierpoint was born (1934).

Rev. Jasper Hamm became pastor in 1934 for the second time and remained until 1942 when Rev. R. N. Raycroft became pastor. He was followed by Rev. Robert Smith in 1945 and Rev. 0. W. Lawrence in 1948.

A corner lot was purchased during Bro. Lawrence’s tenure and he led the congregation in a building program. An old church building in the nearby village of Moira was dismantled and much of the material used in the new building.

The work was nearly all volunteered. When the congregation moved to its new building, the former church and parsonage combination was made into a one family dwelling for the pastor’s family. These facilities have been in use since 1950.

Upon his retirement in 1960, Rev. Lawrence was followed by Rev. Leonard Lum who pastored the “flock” until 1967 when Rev. Daniel Shumway was called to the church.

Contributing factors in the assembling of the present congregation include the forthright testimony and faithful living of an old time Methodist, Mr. George Russell, who operated a grist mill and country store at South Bombay, NY and the personal work of Mr. Hermon Towers who conducted cottage meetings in the home of Samuel Westurn and other neighbors. When he, an elderly man, moved away for a time, the Westurn family attended the church in Brushton where since then they have served faithfully.

In recent years the following pastors have served the church: Rev. Hugh Litzinger - 1976 to 1981; Rev. Richard Holliday - 1981 to 1983; Rev. B. J. Ward - 1983 to 1985; Rev. Edson Ames - 1985 to 1986; Rev. Ronald Robison - 1986 to 1988; Rev. Daniel Heckman - 1988 to 1995; Rev. James Davis - 1995 to present.

The Brushton Church has made its contribution to the work of the Kingdom. Rev. David Wilson, the son of Elmer Wilson (previously mentioned) pastored a Nazarene church in Rochester, NY. Two ministers of our Conference, Rev. Meredith Foster and Rev. William Saxton, grew up here and attended church regularly. The Ronald Smith family served a number of years in New Guinea as missionaries.

A Christian Academy was started in 1982 and was operated as a ministry of the church until 1987.

Economic conditions have forced many in recent years to move elsewhere to earn a living, but God is ever faithful and the Light still shines forth in Brushton, New York.

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