In 1972, the Conference Council met several times with Rev, and Mrs. Howard Beveridge who had spent a term under Hying Missions in Brazil. The Beveridges had a burden for Brazil and agreed to pioneer a work for the Pilgrim Holiness Church of NY, Inc., in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil. They were sent by the Conference and “a new day dawned” for Conference Missionary efforts. A Conference Missionary Secretary was elected and now the PHC of NY had their very own Mission Field. The “Igreja dos Peregrinos” (Church of the Pilgrims) was founded October 19, 1972.

The work in Manaus was begun in a house on 14th Street in the Alvaroda bayou of Manaus. It was called “A House of Prayer.” Then the property on 5th Ave. was purchased and the Beveridges built a parsonage, wall, garage, etc. Later the Fay Memorial Church was erected less than two blocks from the compound. It was dedicated March 10, 1979. It is a two-story building with the sanctuary upstairs and a day school and Sunday School rooms downstairs. The day school of about 150 students is directed by Auxiliadora Xavier and three other teacher/helpers.

The Beveridges’ oldest daughter, Rebecca, died in April 1976. November 22, 1980, the mission home where the Beveridges were living was destroyed by fire.

The next area opened was about 45 minutes through the city in the bayou of Coroada. Under the direction of Manuel and Margaret Ortigosa property was purchased and a frame church and parsonage erected. The Ortigosas pastored this work until May 1976, and then Antonio de Lima and family assumed the pastoral duties until 1995. In about 1991, the frame church had so deteriorated that a new concrete structure was built to replace it.

In about 1977 the Lynn Haynes family went to Brazil as our missionaries. They continued to labor faithfully there for 13 years. About this time an adjoining property to the parsonage was purchased which had a nice two-story house on it. This house is now the home for our missionaries and the former parsonage became a guest house for several years as well as serving as classroom for training sessions. Under the Haynes’ leadership a new work was begun in the interior. A church parsonage and a caretaker’s house were built. Farina and other crops were planted. Living conditions were very primitive and travel to this work from the city was often impossible. A native by the name of Raimunda pastored this work which came to be known as the Sickler Memorial. In about 1990 the property consisting of 65 acres and the buildings were sold and the money placed in the Sickler Memorial Fund. The Haynes family returned to the States on June 10, 1991.

On September 1, 1991, the Rod Wells family went to take up labors as missionaries there in Brazil. Under their leadership the former guest house was remodeled into a Training Center. Also, a new work was begun in a bayou called Nova Floresta. The property which was purchased March 30, 1994, had a store building on it which is being used as the church. In March 1997, it was remodeled into a church with classrooms. With the help of a Work Team from the Conference and the funds from the Sickler Memorial Fund, a new parsonage has been built behind the church. This work is progressing well. Edilson and Rosa de Carma are the pastors there.

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