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Hati Happenings April 2017

Dear Pilgrim Friends,

Greetings in Jesus Name!  I praise God for His Mercy, Love, and Grace!!  I want to report in that God has given us another profitable trip to Haiti this past week.  Safe travels and a successful journey!

We have witnessed​ the hand of God in our trip the whole way through.  My heart and life have been changed once again.  The plight of the people and the plot of the enemy is in many cases too overwhelming for my eyes, ears, mind, and heart to handle.  Many of the People are using all of their energies just to eek out an existence.  For the country of Haiti as a whole I am tending to believe the problem is not the unavailability of resources but just a mismanagement of them.  The greatest need for our churches in Haiti is a resident Missionary.  The need for teaching and training is very great.  One to not only tell them the way but also to show them the way.

Pastor Don Mobley from the God's Missionary Compound was our escort and interpreter.  We spent 5 days together with our Haitian brothers and sisters.  Our hearts were united once again with​ them in prayer, praise, and worship.  Tears were shed on our part as well as theirs at our parting after the last service Sunday afternoon.

While there we visited two of our churches: Guerin and Desarmes.  We spent most of our time in Saut d'Eau where the 8 day convention was held in which we attended the last five days.  During those days we attended services each evening.  On Saturday Morning we also attended a Funeral service for  the wife of Rev. Charles Dorne who attends the Saut d'Eau Church.  On Saturday afternoon their were 4 couples married.  A baptism service where 10 Candidates were baptized.  Sunday Morning service there were seven ministers ordained and five children dedicated.  The Lord helped Bro. Sickler preach Saturday Night as well as myself on Sunday Morning. 

Thank You Bro. Sickler for a fine job organizing the trip and seeing that all items of concern were addressed.  I want to thank God for his help another time in the Country of Haiti.  On Sunday afternoon while still in Saut d'Eau I became sick.  Within 24 hours I was doing better for which I praise God!

Please pray for the Missionary Secretary, the Missions Committee, and the Conference council as we prepare a plan for the future  Work in Haiti.  Thanks so much for your prayers!!!  Without them we would not have made it.

Richest Blessings,

Bro. Peabody    

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